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The demand for diamonds is never ending. Citing which fraudsters take advantage and sell fake diamonds to people who cannot differentiate between a real and fake one. Therefore, being a Diamond manufacturer, we think it’s important to discuss how to figure out if a diamond is genuine or not.

Fake diamonds are made in a way that sometimes even the jewelers face a tough time identifying. However, there are few proven methods that come to the rescue. We list them below. Use any one and find the legitimacy of diamonds.

But before that, a quick advice – acquire as much knowledge about diamonds as possible i.e., types of diamonds, their pricing, their cut, clarity, color, and carat, their certification, so on and so forth.

Method One

When you’re offered a diamond at a very low price by an unknown, consult a merchant before buying. Merchants have an electronic tester to test the quality and genuineness of the gemstones. These testers are now an important part of the industry, for they reduce circulation of fake jewelry in the market. The only stone that this tester fails to recognize is the moissanite.

Method Two

Real diamonds have the same sparkle throughout. So, sparkle test is the next best method. In this, all an individual has to do is check the sparkle of the stone from different corners. Fake stones shine as well, but some or the other edge misses the shiny touch. In short, sparkle is one of the main characteristics of real gems and not the fake ones.

Method Three

A simple reading test it is. Take a newspaper and place the diamond upside down. See if you can read the content on the newspaper through the stone. If you’re able to do so – then, there are high chances of the gemstone being fake.  However, sometimes this test fails to prove the real difference. For that reason, know the necessary cuts and settings.

Method Four

The fourth test is really simple and takes no more than few seconds to perform. It’s called the fog test. Expose the diamond to the warm air. See if the fog stays or disappears. If it stays even for few seconds, it’s a fake stone, and if it disappears right away, it could be a genuine diamond.

Follow either one or all of these methods to judge the quality of the gems. Besides, you can also have a go-through – check its flaws, inclusions, cuts, setting, and of course the pricing. Doing so will save you money and keep you away from falling into the trap of fraudsters. Also, follow the quick tips mentioned below:

Acquire Subject Knowledge

Buying gold and platinum is easy compared to precious shining stones. Because there are lot many things to be considered and looked carefully. Therefore, read as much as you can, visit stores and gain knowledge first. It reduces your efforts, save money on diamonds, time, and protect you from falling to scams.

Buy from Reputed Stores

Diamonds should be bought only from reputed and certified vendors. They sell quality products and don’t dupe their customers.

Check out the Certification

Few merchants sell only certified jewelry, and others don’t. But that does not mean they’re selling fake gemstones. It’s just that certified items have more value and ensure legitimacy.

Below video contains few more ways along with the above.to check if the diamond is fake or real.

Consider the methods and also the tips we discussed. They’ll surely help you when buying diamonds. So make a note of them and also don’t hesitate to share if you have any advice or a different method that can be helpful. Comment below!

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