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There are no defined rules to buy engagement ring from an online store. However, some steps for convenient online shopping are surely there. What those steps are and how they help you is what this post all about. Continue reading…

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Pay Close Attention to the Details

Engagement rings, by no means, are just another jewelry piece that you pay less attention to and buy just for the heck of it. They require your attention. The more attentive you’re, the more likely you’ll find a good ring.

Paying attention means to watch out for fraud sites, to read, understand, and analyze the site before making a purchase, and to be well-aware of what you want to buy. We hear it quite often that people lost something of great value just because of their negligence and lack of knowledge.

So, don’t be on the same boat as others. Instead, monitor everything closely and buy engagement ring from a legit store, that’s really worth your money and suits your fiancée as well.

Assess What You Save

Shopping online is all about savings. It saves you from stress of wandering around from one store to another in the city. It saves you time. It saves you money. It provides you tens of options to choose from.

If you’re not focused to save money on engagement rings, then there are other things that you should assess. For example: How much time does it save? Generally, an online store takes 2-4 days for delivery. However, the duration may vary depending on the city. Therefore, assess the time you’ll save.

Furthermore, online engagement ring shopping requires you to assess the designs, the metals, and the diamonds embedded in the ring. Doing so will save your efforts on brainstorming on design, 4Cs of Diamonds, etc.

Follow Each Step Carefully

To buy an engagement ring from an online store, one has to follow the steps carefully. The steps are as follows:

Visit the Site – There are tens of jewelry sites on the Internet, but only a few are legit. Therefore, when you hear about a site from your friends and family, find out if the online jewelry store is legit or not. Read the testimonials and customer reviews about them. Once satisfied visit the concerned website with a purpose to buy.

Go through the Designs – Jewelry sites sell more than just the engagement rings. You’ll find diamond pendants, necklaces, semi-mounts, earrings, bracelets, and a lot other items. Shopping for engagement rings, go the rings section and scrutinize the tens of designs that are display.

Analyze the Pricing – Pricing is determined on the above factors and also on the type of diamond. Go through different ring, analyze the pricing, note the discounts on each ring, and buy the one that fits your budget. It’s all for good.

Read the Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions of online jewelry stores differ significantly when compared to the regular offline stores. The reasons are plenty – the first being that it’s a virtual store where customers don’t get a physical touch of the item, the second being delivery time, followed by plenty other reasons. 

Find Out Delivery Time, Warranty, Return Policy – The warranty and return policy need your attention alongside the delivery time. Take time to read these sections.

How Secure is the Payment Gateway – Making online payment requires entering bank or credit card details. It can get risky at times. For that reason, when you’re buying engagement rings online, do check the payment gateway. What methods of payment does the online jewelry company accepts and how secure those methods are.


Points we discussed are more inclined towards safe and informed shopping online. Do consider them when you buy engagement ring from an online store.

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