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So which hand is the correct hand to wear your engagement ring or what hand does a wedding ring go on?  It’s really your decision and your soul mate’s decision on which hand to place the rings on.

Wearing Engagement Rings or Wedding Rings

It is important to note that there is a clear difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

A wedding ring has the same thickness all the way round. It is usually less fancy. It might have design or be plain depending on the giver. However, it can be tapered and designed according to the owner’s choice. It is usually given on the day of the wedding.

Engagement rings on the other hand usually have Diamonds or precious stones are adorned on it. When a man proposes to a woman an engagement ring is involved.

Furthermore, you should know that both rings can be worn on the woman’s hand as bridal sets

Do We Wear Our Wedding Ring on The Left Hand or Right Hand?

There is no clear cut answer to this question. What does matter is the reason for choosing on which hand to wear the ring.

It is open to different interpretation and generally boils down to ones religion, location, cultural background and the hand being used most.

This means that realistic purposes can also be a factor in choosing the hand to wear engagement ring or wedding band. A person, who is right-handed and has to carry out heavy duties, often chooses to wear their ring on the left hand to prevent damage and vice versa.

The ancient Romans and Egyptians are believed to wear their rings on the ring finger of the left hand. They customarily believed that a vein from the left ring finger led straight to the heart – this is called the vena amoris. The heart, being the center of emotions fueled by love has a deep symbolic character.

This does not reflect in some other countries. In a Jewish wedding they wear the wedding ring first on the right index finger. After the wedding the ring is moved to the ring finger on the same right hand. They believed the right hand is connected to the heart.

In Europe and the majority of other continents, the engagement or wedding ring is customarily worn on the left hand. In Austria the right hand is kept specially for the wedding ring.

South Africa, European countries, and in most of North America the ring are usually worn on the left hand.
In many Western countries to wear a wedding ring on ones left hand is tradition. Also some lifestyle can be a factor and gives symbolic meaning which hand is more appropriate to wear the wedding ring.

Despite the Romans being accredited with starting the trend of wearing the ring on the left finger some historians still believed it’s a fairly recent invention especially in English speaking countries. It was believed that the wearing of rings from the right hand to left hand; a less dominant hand world wide is a way to show difference to men back then.

This may perhaps have been due to the belief that the left hand was ominous or deceitful. Today people place their left hand on the bible when taking an oath while raising the right hand. The emphasis on the right hand being raised even for left-handed individual shows the mistrust to the left hand.

Most newlywed brides will change hands on wedding day for their engagement ring from their left hand to their right hand so that the wedding band will not be “outclassed” or “upstaged” by the e-ring.

The wedding band is generally placed on the left hand during wedding day, since this hand is “closer to the heart”.  During wedding day you can also stow your e-ring, this is especially a good idea if you are going to be wearing gloves for your wedding or don’t want the wedding band to be upstaged.

In most traditions, after the marriage day the ring is worn on the fourth finger (ring finger) of the hand that it was placed on during the wedding ceremony so choose carefully.
Make sure to put the e-ring in a safe spot and do not put it back on until the wedding ring is in place.  Some brides like to move the e-ring back to their left hand after the marriage ceremony to have a “set” and even choose a solitaire of rings for
this reason.

wear wedding ring

If a woman does choose to wear both her wedding band and engagement ring in a set then the wedding ring is traditionally placed on the finger before the engagement ring.

Women should note that many ring sets are considered incomplete if the e-ring and the wedding ring are worn separately. If you do wear these as a set, endeavor to take good care of them.

If you’re about to wear gloves, do lots of work that involves or hands or you are gardening you will want to remove the rings from your fingers, especially if you have a set with your wedding band.  A set can brace with each other and wear down more easily over time.

Perhaps over time your wedding rings no longer fit, you can sometimes get away with moving the engagement ring to another finger.  The wedding ring however, traditionally stays on the ring finger and may need other measures such as stringing it to a coordinated chain to wear as a pendent, an upgraded ring or a gemstone or diamond reset.  In best case scenarios you can get the wedding ring resized.

Wedding rings are a sign of commitment, style and dedication to all the years of your marriage. These years last all the way from the moment you say ‘I do’ during your wedding ceremony on to all the magical experiences that life will bring after your wedding.

Ultimately if one is planning for a wedding ring or you are preparing to pop the question, it is a matter of personal choice of which ring to go for and on which hand it should adorn


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4 Responses to Which Hand To Wear Engagement Ring And Wedding Band On?

  1. josh says:

    A thumb is not a finger so is not on the forth so its the third

    • Casey says:

      Or is it the second finger… :0

      • Ramon Capanzana says:

        Anatomically the 1st digit or finger is the pinky, so the 2nd digit is the ring finger. The hand closest to the heart is the left. So, the 2nd finger on your left hand is where you place your wedding ring. Hope this will correctly enlighten a lot of people.

        Ramon Capanzana

  2. Engagement rings says:

    I just can’t remember the last time I saw such an interesting article about engagement rings! 🙂

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