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Should you go with a tight ring or a loose ring size for your new wedding or engagement ring?  This is a question we get all the time and the answers varies depending on each person!  First it’s important to understand that your fingers are constantly changing ring size by 1/2 size throughout the year.  When the weather is warm and you eat salty foods, your body will retain more water and your fingers swell.  In colder weather when your body is less hydrated your fingers will be less swollen and rings will not be so snug on your second finger. 

Over time your finger will adjust to the shape and form of your ring, so it is not a huge deal if it’s a little bit tight.  With that said, most of the time the safe buy is to get a ring a half size too small to make sure the ring does not become too tight as it ages with you.  A loose ring on your finger more than a half size too large will not be grown into, don’t be afraid to get a ring that feels right. In worst case scenarios you can pay a fee to get a tight ring resized to feel more comfortable on your finger.

Do you like the feel of tight rings?  It’s also a matter of preference to what you want.  Your hand and fingers will adapt to the ring over time.  If you find a tight ring uncomfortable, go for a ring a half size smaller than a snug fit.  If you find a loose ring uncomfortable for your finger then it will be best to go with a ring that is a good fit with little wiggle room.  As you grow older your fingers will slowly swell with blood and fat.  With very tight rings it can be extremely difficult to take off a wedding or engagement ring as you age.  In cases like this you may have to spend extra to get your ring re-sized.

If you are still unsure whether to go with a tight ring or a loose ring for your wedding day a good rule of thumb is to go with a semi loose feel.  Semi loose rings are rings that are fairly easy to remove but do not have all the wiggle room that loose rings have.  A semi loose ring size will be about a half size too wide for your finger.  You will grow into this half ring size but it should never be turn into a tight ring for you. 

This is usually the best ring size out there as it will stay comfortable and it will not be a tight ring throughout your marriage.  After all you’re going to be wearing this ring everyday and taking it off often!  When you shower, when you garden and do handiwork!  Ring size is important and both loose rings and tight rings can be uncomfortable. 

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Should You Go With A Tight Ring Or A Loose Ring Size For Your New Wedding Or Engagement Ring?, 3.8 out of 10 based on 27 ratings

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