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Tennis bracelets have a concept similar to that of eternity rings; they have a single channel of smaller diamonds set in a continuous row around a bracelet with a serpentine-like structure. Most people don’t associate a few carats worth of diamonds with tennis, but how the bracelet got its name has everything to do with the game.

Professional tennis player Chris Evert wore a thing, diamond studded, flexible bracelet during a major tennis match. Story has it that because of the lack of a safety clasp, the bracelet fell off of her wrist and wound up flying across the tennis court. She asked the officials to stop the match while she went to look for the bracelet, and the tennis bracelet was born.

Some tennis bracelets use other gemstones instead of diamonds, and others alternate diamonds with stones like emeralds or sapphires. If you are considering purchasing a tennis bracelet with something other than diamonds, make sure the gemstones are hard so they are less prone to scratching and other damage.

Unlike Chris Evert, make sure that your tennis bracelet has a safety clasp. Even if you purchase your bracelet from a reputable discount jeweler like Primestyle.com, you’ll spend close to $700 or more, so this is one bracelet you don’t want to lose.

Tennis bracelets come in all types of diamond cuts, settings and metals. Before you choose the perfect tennis bracelet, think about the occasions you would wear the bracelet on. If you only plan to wear it to special events, you can go with a 14K yellow, a relatively soft metal, and you might choose from any of the cuts or settings.

If you plan to wear your bracelet to work or on casual outings, be sure to choose one where the diamonds and the mounts are as smooth as possible so they won’t snag on things, potentially breaking or damaging the bracelet. You might also want to go with platinum for your bracelet, as it will not scratch or damage as easily as gold.

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