Testimonials are important to Primestyle.com because we know they are important to you. Here is a brief summary of the testimonials so-far published here. We have many more and invite you to add your own by sending us your comments.

As we guarantee your satisfaction with the finest selection on diamonds in the industry, it is extremely important that we hear back from our customers. Over the years we have collected and compiled our customer feedback letters, emails, and phone calls. We would like to share our archived customer feedback with you, and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Looking for something unique? Not just a band with diamonds with a center stone. Well at primestyle.com we have a huge selection where it`s not just a band of stones. Like this breath-taking curved engagement ring. The curve gives this ring more of a modern touch. Also, the side stones look like its wrapping around the center. This illusion helps make the center stone pop! Finding a ring with us is something that is possible and easy. Don`t forget having a ring as unique as this, finding a matching band is not an issue for us.

Norman B.


1.55CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

We have many unique designs! We have rings with diamonds one next to another side by side but have you seen one with princess cut stones set at an angel, from point to point? Well, guess what?! We have the design! This amazing bridal set has 17 small princess cut stones set from point to point making this ring look like no other! Believe it or not, this kind of setting gives the diamonds much more sparkle since there is less metal covering the edges of the stone. So if you want something shiny and sparkly this is the to-go rings!

Sheldon C.


Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set with 2.50CT Total Weight

Looking for a ring that is not plain and nothing too crazy with designs on it can be hard. But we have that exact thing you are looking for! This ring has a simple design on the profile of the ring and nothing to take your eyes off of the beautiful stones.

Peter R.


1.40CT emerald and round cut diamonds engagement ring

There is no time frame for love. There is no age limit for love. There are no rules for love. So
let`s surprise a loved one with a beautiful jewelry piece. The best part is we have many styles that can go perfect for any occasion. Just like this breathtaking 1.90 round and princess cut diamonds. This ring feature a 1.00ct round cut diamond in the center. With beautiful 0.90ct total princess cut diamonds that give it the perfect touch. This style can match any other jewelry piece like earrings, pendants, bracelets, and even other rings!

Janusz B.


1.90CT Round and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect jewelry to go perfect with your wedding dress and get stres full. With our wide selection of items you can find everything for a great low factory price. Brad got his wife this beautiful engagement ring! With a 0.80ct princess cut center followed by two rows of stunning round cut diamonds with a total weight of about 1.00. These precious stones are set in a 14kt white gold.

Brad p.


1.80CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Sometimes finding a ring with something unique and a matching band to go perfectly with it can be difficult. Well, with our bridal set collection you can find the engagement ring and one wedding band to get absolutely perfect together. If that is not enough you can ask a representative for another band to put on the other size of the ring. Our unique collection is in your hands! You can also mix and band engagement rings and wedding bands to your liking.

Troy B.


2.15CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Bridal Set

Looking for an engagement ring and wedding band that is big sparkly and 14kt white gold can get pricey. So pricey it can empty your wallet. Well since we are the factory we make each item to order so we do not charge for importing the goods nor any hidden fees like other companies charge. We charge you our very low direct factory prices. How can you go wrong? We can save you so much money that you buy a friend for your special someone and also have room to spoil yourself while are at it.

Karen B.


1.65CT emerald and round cut diamonds bridal set

Looking for the perfect ring can be a difficult, especially when you look at the prices in your local jewelers. But no fear! We sell quality items all for the low factory price. Ricard found this beautiful Halo ring in 14kt white gold for about 1,000 USD! This is a bargain!

Richard B.


0.75CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

There are so many rings to pick from on the internet but Primestyle has everything sorted out so picking can be easy. Christina found this beautiful 1.50ct total, channel setting engagement ring. She fell in love with it the moment she saw it on our page. But she did not stop there! She, later on, ordered a matching wedding band.

christina c.


1.50CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

What style? What metal color? What center size? Where should I begin?
All the questions running through your head when you think of a proposal ring. But with our online catalogue everything is made easy. First you search for the style, then the metal color, and then if you want you can change the center size. Like this stunning popular bridal set.



1.90CT round cut diamonds bridal set

The Princess shape – a relative newcomer among diamond cuts, having been invented in the 1960s – is the second most popular diamond shape after the round brilliant. In fact, Princess shaped diamonds feature the same fire and brilliance as round diamonds and are sometimes known as “square modified brilliants.”. That why this set looks stunning! 0.80ct round center surrounded by 2.00ct if princess diamonds. These two are a perfect pair. Get your perfect pair of rings! It’s easy ! Just go to our website and on category select bridal sets and you there!

Vickie L.


2.80CT Round and Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set

So finding an engagement ring is nothing until you have to find the perfect wedding band that will fit your ring perfectly is the hardest task. Well your in luck! We sell bridal sets which is the engagement ring with the MATCHING band. Yes i said MATCHING! It could not be any easier getting both rings that go with each other. Look at this stunning 2.15CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Bridal Set. It fits perfectly together. It also looks great with whatever you wear!

Troy B


2.15CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Bridal Set

Finding that perfect ring for your future wife can be difficult. Here at Primestyle, we make sure we help every customer find THE ring. This is the ring James had been eyeing but wanted to get some more information before make the decision to purchase. He called us and we made sure he was comfortable and well informed regarding the process. After he received the ring he was so thrilled with the craftsmanship and quality that he came back and ordered the matching band!

James M.


0.75CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

A lot of first time customers are hesitant when shopping online but after they get their rings, they are believers! The quality and craftsmanship we put in all of our items often results in return customers. Lance wanted to give his future wife a beautiful ring as part of his proposal. He found this beautiful 0.42CT round cut diamonds engagement ring and after receiving it, he came back and ordered the matching band! Congratulations on your engagement and we hope to assist you guys in your future orders with us!

Lance C.


0.42CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Why would you shop locally and buy at the retailer price when you can shop directly from the manufacturer? Primestyle offers real diamond and gold jewelry at unbeatable prices- that`s the primestyle low price guarantee! This was what caught Rayon`s eye when he was looking for a bridal set for his future wife. This beautiful set is 14kt white gold and has diamonds I-J VS2-SI1 in quality. Chat with us to get more information!

rayon w


2.20CT Bridal Set with Princess & Round Cut Diamonds

We offer real diamond rings for every budget. Our goal is to make sure each customer loves their item and is happy with their experience. We made this beautiful 0.75CT round cut diamonds engagement ring for Brandon. It was very important to him to stick to his price range and we made it happen! Take a look and see for yourself!

Brandon H.


0.75CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Bridal sets are the best of both worlds : a beautiful engagement ring and its matching band! You get a better deal when you purchase both of them together at Primestyle. This beautiful set was originally ordered as just the engagement ring. She loved it so much she sent us this picture. We love receiving all of you testimonials so keep them coming!

Brittany S


1.65CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Thomas helped me personally design this ring. His opinion meant so much to me. We went for the .81 center GH/SI1/SI2. We also did this in platinum. I had searched every shop looking for what we wanted and could reasonably afford and when designing this ring (which is not much more than the beautiful ones already there) we saw that all the brick and mortar stores and online stores had what Prime Style created for us not twice but three times more. Thomas promised me sparkle and no little dots that my eye could see and he delivered this! Of course the photo does not do this ring justice as you simply cannot take a picture of it- its too sparkly. I highly suggest speaking to him and custom designing what you really want. We had a blueprint illustration sent to us for our approval and it all came so quickly. He put up with my calls and questions as a gentleman. It is that customer service and quality and price that will send us back for the bands and recommend them to all our friends. Thank you for making this a beautifully easy experience!


Renee A.


Customize Product

When you buy the engagement ring and matching band, you end up saving even more! Take a look at this bridal set that was made for Eric. He knew his fiance would love the premium quality of diamonds and the style of the rings. Find your perfect set today - only at PrimeStyle!

Eric M.


Bridal Set with A Total 1.90CT Round Cut Diamonds

Halo style rings have so many benefits to them. They increase the look in both size and style for the center diamond. They also add more shine and fire making it look even more brilliant. This particular style is one of the best sellers because of its classic style and amazing price!

Briana D.


0.95CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Women love diamonds- the bigger the better! When you shop with us, you can afford to get big, beautiful, high quality diamonds at a fraction of the retail price. Take a look at this stunning 1.25CT round diamond center stone. It exudes opulence and definitely makes a statement. It has an additional of 0.90CT side stones making the carat weight total 2.15CT. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Rick!

rick d.


2.15CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

We offer various styles of bridal sets to meet everyone’s unique style and taste. Erika was looking for the classic round and princess cut diamonds set that have become popular over the last years. She was able to narrow down her choice to this stunning 2.60CT bridal set with Princess and Round Cut Diamonds in 14KT white gold. She opted for the premium quality we offer, G-H. They are VS1-VS2 in clarity so they shine bright and clear. Take a look for yourself, then come browse our selection and find the perfect ring for you!

Erika Judy


2.60CT Bridal Set with Princess and Round Cut Diamonds

Halo rings have a beautiful high setting and usually have a lovely center stone that draws the eye with its sparkle and shine. This drew Christopher’s attention immediately when he was shopping for his future wife. He spoke with one of our agents since he wanted to customize the carat size of the center diamond. The end result was a stunning halo ring, 0.30 CT diamonds of G-H quality - only the best for our customers!

Christopher Franco


1.15CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

I was looking for a semi mount to fit my loose radiant stone. After speaking with an agent, I felt secure in what I was getting. She was very accomodating since I wasn’t sure of the exact measurements of the diamond or my ring size. They work with you and provide outstanding customer service. In the end, I was ecstatic with the final results!

Claire Hellam


1.05CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Every engagement rings look better with its matching band. When you buy them together, you actually save money! Here at Primestyle we take pride in providing our customers with direct manufacturer prices. This means you get the very best quality and price for all your jewelry needs. Damir took advantage of this and got this stunning set for a fraction of the retail price!

Damir Tupkovic


0.90CT Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Why not gift the love of your life this stunning Emerald and Round cut diamond bridal set! It has a 0.80CT emerald cut diamond G-H in color and VS1-VS2 in clarity. Byron also personalized this set with an engraving that commemorates their 20th wedding anniversary! She is so happy with it she posted this on our Facebook page!

Sally Moritz


2.60CT Emerald and Round Cut Diamonds Bridal Set

My wife wanted a simple ring that wasn`t too much bling. She looked through several local jewelry stores but didn`t find anything that she liked that was in our price range. So we took our search to the internet and came across PrimeStyle. They had beautiful rings for every budget which we loved. When she saw this ring she knew it was the one! We spoke to representatives and got an additional discount as well. Our experience with them was wonderful and we will definitely be back!

Ian Jurgens


0.45CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Buying directly from the manufacturer has its perks. If you see a ring or bridal set that you like but the diamonds are not big enough for you, we can customize the size and give you a great price! This was what Captain Wes did. He wanted the biggest and best diamonds for his fiance. After chatting with one of our agents, he proceeded to order this beauty! A stunning set with a 1CT center stone set in platinum.

wes jones


2.00CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Shopping at PrimeStyle is always exciting whether you are looking to buy for yourself or your significant other. Gabby was looking for a ring that would make her feel like royalty. She came across this diamond wedding band with 0.50CT round cut stones. They are I-J in quality and VS2-SI1 in clarity. The 14KT white gold setting makes the diamonds stand out beautifully! Gabby found her perfect ring - come find yours only at PrimeStyle!

Gabby Kerr


Diamond Wedding Band - Round Cut 0.50CT

Classic meets feminine in this lovely princess and round cut diamond engagement ring. Richard knew his future wife would say yes when he popped the question with this beauty! It has a 0.80CT center and set in 14KT white gold. The princess center diamond is accentuated by the round stones on the band. Nothing but the best for our customers!

Richard Horne


1.05CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Are you looking to get something made especially for you? We offer great prices on custom made pieces here at PrimeStyle. Don’t just take our word for it - here is what Andy had made. A lovely customized ring and matching band. They were both at just a fraction of the price than what you find locally! These rings are set in 14KT white gold and accentuated with I-J color diamonds.

Andy Venabl


Customize Product

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or just something you want to wear on a regular basis, PrimeStyle has you covered. We offer different styles ranging in price so everyone can afford real diamond jewelry. Frank wanted to gift his lovely wife something she could wear every day to remind her of their love. He chose this lovely 0.65CT round cut diamond ring. She loved it so much, he came back an ordered the matching band! To make it even more special he had it engraved !

Frank Kondracki


0.65CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

We love when customers share pictures of their special moment with us. Take a look at this beautiful picture David sent us in right before he popped the question to his future wife, Maria. It’s a beautiful 1.60CT round and princess cut diamond engagement ring. It has a stunning 0.80CT center which she loves! Look at the shine and brilliance of the diamonds - its breathtaking ! Congratulations David, you picked a winner!

David Horkheimer


1.60CT Round and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Take a look at this stunning diamond engagement ring! It has a total of 2.50CT with a 0.80CT center. This ring immediately caught Kevin’s eye since it was just his future wife’s style. He had been browsing local retail stores but when decided to look online he came across our website and knew this was the one. Set in 14KT white gold, the diamonds play off the color of the metal and shine beautifully! Why shop anywhere else when you can come to PrimeStyle and find exactly what you are looking for?

Kevin New


2.50CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Looking for something unique? Emerald cut diamonds provide a bigger look and elegance. This 2.60CT bridal set provides a great look for someone who doesn’t want the usual. Set in 14KT white gold and premium stones of G-H color, they make a great combination. Whether you are looking for something to suit your unique style or something a bit more traditional, PrimeStyle has it all!

Sally Moritz


2.60CT Emerald and Round Cut Diamonds Bridal Set

Round diamonds are the most popular cut for engagement rings today. Add the 14KT yellow gold setting and you have a classic pairing. John chose this 0.55CT round cut diamond engagement ring to surprise his sweetheart with. This ring has diamonds of I-J color which blend in perfectly with the yellow gold. It shines with elegance and simplicity- just what she wanted!

john maydo


0.55CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

When you buy from Primestyle, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. This means we are flexible when it comes to meeting your budget! Elizabeth wanted to order the matching band for her engagement ring but had a price range to stick to. After chatting with our specialists, she was able to get a great price and beautiful band. Come by and see what we can offer you.

elizabeth garcia


Diamond Wedding Band - 0.60CT Round Cut

We love getting feedback from customers. Take a look at this stunning engagement ring Orrin purchased from us. Its set in 14 KT white gold and has diamonds I-J in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity. Finding the perfect ring for your fiance is a breeze when you shop at PrimeStyle.

Orrin Hargrave


1.15CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Many first-time customers are a bit apprehensive when it comes to buying engagement rings online. This was what James was feeling but after chatting with one of our agents, he was reassured that what he would be getting was exactly what he wanted. He voiced his opinion on wanting a men’s wedding band but with something that would make it his own. So he chose a brush finish for his band and a lovely 1.05CT round cut diamond engagement ring for his fiancee. This was just one way we cater to the customers customized rings!

James Llorens


1.05CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Chad looked through his local Australian jewelry stores for the perfect ring. Little did he know he would find it on our website, for a fraction of the cost. He came across this beautiful 1.65CT round cut diamond engagement ring and instantly fell in love. It is set in 18KT rose gold and has diamonds I-J in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity. The center stone is a stunning 1.25CT round diamond that definitely makes a statement! His fiancee loves it!

Chad Baker


1.65CT round cut diamonds engagement ring