Testimonials are important to Primestyle.com because we know they are important to you. Here is a brief summary of the testimonials so-far published here. We have many more and invite you to add your own by sending us your comments.

As we guarantee your satisfaction with the finest selection on diamonds in the industry, it is extremely important that we hear back from our customers. Over the years we have collected and compiled our customer feedback letters, emails, and phone calls. We would like to share our archived customer feedback with you, and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Take a look at this stunning bridal set! It looks beautiful with a 0.55CT center princess cut stone accentuated by round cut diamonds. It is set in 14KT white gold - one of the more popular settings. Mark was able to get this stunning set for a great price! Chat with our agents to see what kind of deals we have to offer!

Mark Cook


2.40CT princess and round cut diamonds bridal set

Chad looked through his local Australian jewelry stores for the perfect ring. Little did he know he would find it on our website, for a fraction of the cost. He came across this beautiful 1.65CT round cut diamond engagement ring and instantly fell in love. It is set in 18KT rose gold and has diamonds I-J in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity. The center stone is a stunning 1.25CT round diamond that definitely makes a statement! His fiancee loves it!

Chad Baker


1.65CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

Christine knew she wanted something beautiful and unique for her engagement ring. When she came to PrimeStyle.com we helped her narrow down her choices to this stunning 0.65 CT emerald and round cut diamonds engagement ring. The center emerald is 0.35 CT in G-H color and VS1-VS2 in quality. It also has 44 round stones as the side diamonds. They shine with elegance and simplicity and most importantly, they make Christine very happy!

Christine Connell


0.65CT emerald and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Princess cut diamonds are increasing in both popularity and demand. Their square shape and brilliance makes them sought after for everything from necklaces to rings. Ken had his heart set on getting his future wife this cut stone for her engagement ring. After chatting with our agents and getting more education on stone quality, he decided on this beautiful princess and round cut diamond ring. It has a 14KT white gold setting and features diamonds G-H in color and VS1-VS2 in clarity. The center is a princess 0.80CT beauty accented by two 0.45CT side stones. The band itself has 8 round cut diamonds weighing 0.25CT in total. All in all, a beautiful ring guaranteed to make her happy!

ken morrell


1.50CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

William came to us looking for a semi mount. He found one on our website he liked but needed the side diamonds to be Princess cut. This was an easy customization we were happy to oblige. This specific semi mount has six side stones weighing in 1.50 CT G-H in color and VS1-VS2 in clarity. He also chose a platinum setting for this lovely ring. Once he received it, he let us know he would need to resize it down. We gladly instructed him on how to return and assured him it was no problem! We want to make sure he is 100% satisfied with his purchase.



Customize Product

Timothy came to PrimeStyle in search of the perfect engagement ring. After looking through our selection, he found one that caught his eye. When he saw this 1.45CT asscher and round cut diamonds engagement ring he knew it was the one! This exquisite ring has a 1 CT center and 0.45 CT accentuating stones of I-J color and VS2-SI1 quality. It is also set in 14 KT white gold to really compliment the diamonds natural beauty. He was also thrilled to receive a great discount for Cyber Monday!

Timothy Knudsen


1.45CT asscher and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Whitney knew she wanted the perfect ring but didn’t want to pay the retail price. So she came to PrimeStyle.com and gave us a direct link to the ring she saw on another website. We were able to custom make her dream ring to her specifications. This intricate beauty has a 14 KT white gold setting with a 1 CT center stone and 30 diamonds I-J in color and a clarity of VS2- SI1. Another customized order with a happy customer - only at PrimeStyle!

Whitney Olund


Customize Product

This round and princess cut diamonds engagement ring was just what Juan had in mind when shopping around for the perfect ring. It is a 14KT white gold stunner with I-J VS2-SI1 stones. Originally he chose a 1 CT center, but after chatting with our specialist and taking into consideration the taste of his soon to be bride, he opted to go up to a 1.15 CT center stone. This made all the difference! Congratulations Juan!

Juan Castaneda


1.85CT Round and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

My husband purchased this ring set for our 35th anniversery. I wanted bling but simple. I had the band designed by primestyle. It is perfect!!! It looks much better in person. The sparkle is unbelievable. Also I cannot say enough about the customer service. They made the ordering process so easy.

Kimberly Reed


1.00CT Round Cut Diamonds Three Stone Ring

When Dung took a look at our princess cut diamond engagement ring, it was love at first sight! Having received the ring and noticing the center diamond setting was a little low, Dung decided to return it and have it raised. We gladly took the ring back and raised the setting, customizing it to Dung’s liking. We were also specified to change the center diamond to a bigger one, adding more brilliance to the ring. In the end, Dung was able to personalize the ring making it unique.

Dung Nguyen


1.35CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Steven was looking for the perfect ring. He found the perfect princess cut 0.65 carat wedding band on our site, but wanted a more unique look. After learning what his future wife liked, we decided to go ahead and add a statement Princess cut diamond in the center.
The G-H / VS1-VS2 quality diamonds stand out and shine almost as bright as their love!This added the WOW factor he was looking for.It perfectly compliments the platinum band and adds height and dimension to her beautiful ring.

Steven Adams


1.80CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Paul gave his wife a 1.70 emerald and round cut diamond engagement ring back in 2015. Finding the perfect place to exchange vows, the DJ, the followers, and the dress can be overwhelming. We understand your frustration and panic but finding the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring is not an issues we can customize any ring. Paul contacted us because he couldn’t find the matching band on our website. He was nervous, he was in a time crunch, he was going to panic if he couldn’t find the wedding band. After looking at the 3d drawing of the wedding band he was more at ease because he found the perfect fit for the engagement ring. After the approval of the 3d model, it took only a week to get him the item from New Jersey to Rhode Island. Once he received the ring he was neither nervous or worried, he was excited and couldn’t wait for the day to come! Thank you, Paul, for purchasing with us! We look forward to anyone who wants the perfect piece of jewelry

Paul Shenosky


1.70CT Emerald and Round Cut Diamonds Three Stone Ring

This 0.80ct Princess cut stone just looks amazing on this 14kt white gold ring! Look how the stones just stand out alone. This is such an exquisite style that all it needs is one stones to get that “WOOW” factor. We have many different solitaire rings that have that give out that same feeling.

Harry Polk


0.80CT Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

The simpler the better? Well sometimes. This ring is definitely better just as is, not to simple but not too much going on. This classic style halo ring fit on every person! The best part about this style is no matter what center stone size you choose the halo will make it seem even bigger. Best part is this ring is ALWAYS under budget because you will be getting it for a factory cost. This ring has a 0.45ct center, also has round cute stones around the center and on the shank of the ring making this ring sparkle!

Michael Rutolo


1.10CT round cut diamonds bridal set

Not all the time you need the perfect match ring to make a set. Take a look at these two rings for example. They are not a 100% matching set, but our customer saw the potential it has to be a matching set and not just a matching set they can also stand alone individually. They just look amazing together! The engagement ring and wedding band are both set in a stunning 14kt yellow gold setting. The Engagement ring in this image has a 0.80ct Round center with two 0.25ct round on each side. Followed by 10 smaller stones, making it to the total of 1.55ct. The wedding band has ten stones for a total of 1.00ct. The stones quality that this customer chose was G-H/VS1-VS2. Take a look at our collection; you can mix and match or choose a premade set on our website.

Bryan Dixon


1.00CT round cut diamonds wedding band

The holidays are soon to come. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and many more! What else can you give your loved one to show how much you appreciate all they have done for you and all that they will do for you? All it takes is one click on our website and you will fall in love with our collection that “What to get them” will not be the issue. “Which to get them” will be the issue. But no worries even if you have that issue our very intelligent staff can help you find the ONE. You can call us or even go on the chat and describe something you want or even show us a picture and we can help!
Take a look at this breathe taking 1.55CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring. Jack was looking for a ring with a design but that will make the center just pop. And we suggested this yellow gold ring and the moment he saw the picture he knew that this ring will be the ONE. This ring has 0.80 princess cut center with total of 1.55 in diamonds but that not all to out a very unquie look he asked up to put on the profile design the garnets. Not only are they on the profile but they give the ring a whole different look!

Thank you Jack for shopping with us!



1.55CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Jeremy wanted to make Lois his forever and soon! He searched everywhere and didn’t like the prices they wanted t o charge him until his friend recommending Primestyle. He didn’t believe him at first so from curiosity he decided to go on our website and search and speak to real live agents over the phone and on chat. Then that when he realized the same ring he saw in the jewelry store for over $3,000 he can get for less than $2,000.

Lois Barry


0.95CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Stacey loves her ring for eternity! this beautiful ring has a total of 4.00ct of diamonds that wrap around the finger (Eternity) set in a stunning white gold. That is not just that Stacey had us customized it to be comfort fitting so when she wears it its feels like a snuggle between her fingers.

Stacy Randell


4.00CT Round Cut Diamonds Eternity Band

Robert wanted something unique to surprise his wife. We suggested this lovely 1.70CT Emerald and Round Cut Diamonds Three Stone Ring; and from the picture he knew she would love it. He placed the order and within the week he was able to give her the ring she always wanted

Robert E


1.70CT Emerald and Round Cut Diamonds Three Stone Ring

Cheryl has unique, exquisite taste and it shows in this 1.15 CT princess cut diamond engagement ring she purchased from PrimeStyle. PrimeStyle definitely has a range of styles to choose from and this ring definitely stands out among a sea of many styles. This ring is full of princess cut diamonds from the side stones to the center; the craftsmanship is certainly special. This is why we love when our customers send us their pictures because we can see how beautiful they look in person. Of course, we can put diamonds on our hands all day and look and admire them but we would never want to take them off! We hope Cheryl never takes this ring off because it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

cheryl reeve


1.15CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

William has amazing taste in jewelry and knows where the great deals are! He got his wife a stunning 1.30CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring with 0.45 ct in the center. William was able to get this ring for less than $1,500, what a bargain!

William Killingbeck


1.30CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Who would have known you could have bought a ring for a fraction of the price that it would
cost you in a retail store! No one would have even known that buying directly from the factory
can save you up to hundreds of dollars! Christina went to her local jewelry store and asked
them how much would it be to make this exact same ring and they gave her a price of over
$2,000 and she paid less than $1,500.

christina cunnane


1.50CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Charles wanted something special. So he got his fiancé a bridal set but not just any bridal set! He got her a stunning 5.05ct wedding band + engagement ring. The most unique thing about these rings is yes they have princess cut stones but on the engagement ring itself it has 3 stunning emerald on the top. The center and two stones, one on each side of the center that stand out to give it its unique look. But that is not all Charles did two years after that purchase he got his wife for Christmas a 4.00ct round cut eternity ring that left her breathless! Now she can’t stop wearing the three rings either together or separated she just loves it. Thank Charles for making us parting of your lovely jewelry experience

Charles English


5.05CT emerald and princess cut diamonds bridal set

Who would of known that having 3.00ct worth in emerald diamonds wrapped around your finger would make you feel like a queen. This lovely ring has emerald one next to another set all around the finger making it an eternity band. Set in a brilliant 14kt yellow gold metal. This ring is also perfect to match with engagement rings as well. There is a new thing now instead of buying a matching wedding band for an engagement ring they would buy an eternity ring instead. The reason being is because it can pair with your ring and it can also be worn alone.

Bill Robichaux


3.50CT emerald cut diamonds eternity ring

We tell all of our customers the pictures on our website best represent the item; It is close to exact as the picture only thing that would be different is the center, of course. The centers vary from the size you select. Iars wasn’t so convinced about it and when we told her we offer a 30 day return policy for exchange to another item or even a refund, she took the shot and bought the ring she liked from the picture and guess what!? She loved it! It was the first purchase she didn’t online and it was the best decision she had ever made. She stated “The ring looks amazing in the picture but once I received it in the mail, it looked better. Now it looks amazing on my hand, too”

lars hobenshield


0.65CT Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

John wanted to take the biggest step in his life. From years of searching the right one he finally found her. Now it’s just time to make her his queen forever. To show his love for her he purchased a 1.80 princess cut engagement ring, but that not all. Each quality of the ring has a meaning. First quality is the princess cut, she is his princess and wanted to make her feel like a queen so he purchased a 1.00ct princess cut center stone so that stone has stand out from the rest. Second quality is the step look is for each step that he took to make the move, Thank you john for making us part of your experience !

John Eaheart


1.80CT Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Mr. Kim wanted something for himself. He searched many other places and nothing. But once Mr. Kim look at our catalog, he didn’t which one to choose from! Until he saw a lovely 1.50 Emerald cut men’s band and that it when he knew this ring was the one he is going to wear every day. Best part his once he got his ring all his friends saw it and they were amazed. That’s is just the beginning this ring was not set on 14 or 18 white gold it was set in Platinum!

Mr. Kim


1.50CT Emerald Cut Diamonds Men's Wedding Band

Thank you, Harold for sharing your beautiful pictures of the 2.00CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring and 2.00CT round cut diamonds eternity ring, both in 14 kt gold that you purchased from us!

Wow, what to say about these rings? Can you even see the 14kt gold with all the diamonds? Look at the eternity ring...diamonds all the way around it! And the engagement ring has 2 round cut diamonds and then 70 smaller round cut diamonds to give it that extra-extra sparkle! We bet it matches the sparkle in the eyes of the lucky lady who wears these rings!

Thank you, Harold, for sharing with us! Congratulations!

Harold Hansen


2.00CT Round Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Willie chose beauty and quality when he purchased this 1.15ct round cut diamonds bridal set engagement ring from PrimeStyle. There are a total of 38 round cut diamonds and 1 center princess cut diamond. They all belong to the I-J in color, and VS2-SI1 in clarity quality group and are surrounded by and set in 18kt white gold. It looks spectacular! We are sure this ring will bring many compliments! Thanks for trusting PrimeStyle in helping you to make an important purchase. - PrimeStyle

Willie J Samuel


1.15CT princess and round cut diamonds bridal set

When the team looks at this 1.50ct emerald cut diamond men's wedding band, we always think "Hollywood"! It's glamorous, shiny and when you look at it, you may feel a little star struck!
The seven diamonds that grace this band have a total weight of 1.50ct. Ben sent us a great picture of this ring and we love how it glimmers in the light. We are glad that this ring is in the hands of its new home and that it's proudly worn for years to come! Thanks for taking the time to share your picture with Primestyle, Ben!

Ben Jays


1.50CT Emerald Cut Diamonds Men's Wedding Band

The .95 ct round cut diamond engagement ring that Kristin purchased is more than just a ring, it’s an example of exquisite craftsmanship. The delicate details of this ring are first-class. Kristin certainly has excellent taste. The round cut diamond weighs .55ct and it’s accompanied by 12 more side stone round cut diamonds that weight .40ct. The 14kt white gold band is beautifully crafted and displays the beauty of these diamonds well. What a great choice, Kristin!

Kristin Brezinsky


0.95CT round cut diamonds engagement ring

The 2.35 ct diamond bridal Set with 14 kt white gold and princess cut diamonds is a Primestyle favorite. You can't go wrong with this set and John certainly made a great purchasing decision. This is strong, solid set that symbolizes the same commitment John and his wife made to each other.
The 14 kt gold has a polished finished and the engagement ring princess cut diamond weighs almost 1ct. Total weight is .80ct and the diamond belongs to the G-H color and VS1-VS2 clarity group. The side stones on this ring are also princess cut and weigh .50 ct.
The wedding band in this set compliments the engagement ring beautifully, as it should, of course! The 14 kt white gold band is lavished with 3 stunning princess cut diamonds weighing 1.05 ct. John sent us a few beautiful pictures of this set and it's definitely going to get some attention! Thanks for sharing and trusting Primestyle help you with your amazing purchase!

John White


Diamond Bridal Set with 2.35CT Total Weight Princess Cut Diamonds

Someone special in Rawad's life loves diamonds and he certainly graced her wrist with a beautiful 4 carat round cut diamonds tennis bracelet set in 14kt white gold. 63 round cut diamonds make up this stunning tennis bracelet. Each diamond is set in a little round 14kt white frame and are joined together with excellent craftsmanship. This classic tennis bracelet is meant to last many lifetimes. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us and choosing Primestyle, Rawad!

Rawad Elias


4.00CT Round Cut Diamonds Tennis Bracelet In 14KT White Gold

Monica was looking for a statement piece and found it in this 1.00CT asscher and round cut diamonds engagement ring set in 14 kt white gold. This is a bold and glamourous ring that makes a wonderful engagement ring or luxurious gift to yourself or someone super special in your life. The .55ct center diamond is a stunning asscher cut which was very popular in the 1920's and has made a wonderful comeback. The 36 side stones that grace the entire band are a round cut have a total weight of .45ct. The brilliance of this ring will light up the room! Thanks for sending us the picture, Monica!

monica spry


1.00CT asscher and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Brian wanted to show his love and commitment to his future wife with something unique and exquisite. He chose a gorgeous 2.60CT emerald and princess cut diamonds engagement ring to accompany his marriage proposal and his pictures show proof that she said "yes!” This amazing ring set in 14kt white gold has a full 1 ct emerald cut center diamond. Side stones consist of 2 emerald cut diamonds, 8 princess cut diamonds and 8 more round cut diamonds. This ring looks very beautiful worn by your fiancé! Thanks for sending us your pictures, Brian!

Brian Fox


2.60CT Emerald and Princess Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Shane wanted to purchase a handful of stars from the sky, but instead he chose a 4ct round cut diamonds eternity band set in 14kt white gold. 18 round cut diamonds belonging to the super G-H color and VS1-S2 clarity quality group sum up the total diamond weight of 4ct. The pictures Shane sent to Primestyle show how powerful this ring is! It will certainly attract many star gazers and admirers! Thanks for sharing allowing Primestyle to help you with a great jewelry investment! Sincerely, Primsestyle

shane barrett


4.00CT Round Cut Diamonds Eternity Band

Beautiful bridal set choice, Robyn! Yes, the diamonds are gorgeous, but look at how shiny and polished the 14kt yellow gold appears in the Robyn's pictures! Robyn purchased this beautiful 1.35 ct round cut diamonds bridal set. The engagement ring has a princess cut diamond weighing .35ct with 2 additional round cut diamonds as side stones that have a total weight of .40ct. The wedding band is simple and a perfect match for the engagement ring. It has 3 round cut diamonds weighing a total of .60 ct. We love how the princess cut diamond shape is a contract to the round cut. Then of course, set against the polished 14kt yellow gold, gives this ring an extra special appeal. Definitely a PrimeStyle team favorite! Thank you for the pictures!

Robyn Tauri


1.35CT princess and round cut diamonds bridal set

A polished, precious 18kt white gold setting is perfect for this .35ct round cut diamond. Corina agreed and purchased a .35ct round cut diamond solitaire ring from PrimeStyle knowing this would be an excellent choice. Diamond solitaire rings are timeless and classic. Whether for an engagement, anniversary or "just because", a gift like this would be a wonderful way to say "I love you". The stunning, simplicity will never go out of style! Corina sent a picture to PrimeStyle and you can see for yourself how beautiful this ring is!

Corina State


0.35CT Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

Lynne purchased a 14kt yellow gold princess cut solitaire ring setting for her beautiful princess cut diamond. PrimeStyle offers a large selection of jewelry and even custom options, but we also carry settings. Many times our customers have the gem stones, but are searching for the perfect setting or need a way to update their older, heirloom diamond ring. Lynne's ring looks amazing! The polished 14kt yellow gold was a great choice and certainly enhances the shine of the diamond. Thanks, Lynne, for choosing PrimeStyle!

Lynne Penhaligon


14KT Yellow Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Ring

Exquisite. Luxurious and ornate. Donald purchased a gorgeous 1.25ct round cut diamonds three stone engagement ring. Set in 14 kt yellow gold, the center round cut diamond weighs .50ct and on each side of this center diamond is another round cut diamond with a total weight of .40ct. For extra shing and glamour, there are 3 more side stones on each side with a total weight of .35ct. The details of the band are stunning! Viewing this ring from the side, you will see the beautiful ribbon effect of the design. This ring is certainly an attention grabber!
Thanks for sending a picture of the ring to PrimeStyle, Donald!

Donald Barnette


1.25CT Round Cut Diamonds Three Stone Ring