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You can't go wrong when selecting a diamond from In the diamond business since 1999 we can offer the best selection at the best prices. All our diamonds are not only responsibly sourced, they are also checked by our diamond experts, each one individually.


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{"config":[],"description":"<div class=\"single-banner\">\r\n<div class=\"banner-item\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" />\r\n<div class=\"banner-txt\">\r\n<h1>Semi Mount Engagement Rings</h1>\r\n<div class=\"b-txt2\">Semi-mount engagement rings presented by are unequaled in quality with close attention to detail. Choose a setting for your engagement ring or a thoughtful anniversary present within our wonderful selection of semi-mounts. You can also visit our Diamond department and choose the perfect stone for your semi-mount ring.</div>\r\n<div class=\"b-txt3\">All Diamonds included the following:</div>\r\n<ul class=\"b-txt4\">\r\n<li>30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE</li>\r\n<li>LIFE TIME WARRANTY</li>\r\n<li>FREE SHIPPING</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>\r\n<div class=\"popular-pg-menu\">\r\n<div class=\"pg-menu-label\">Most Popular Rings Pages</div>\r\n<ul class=\"pg-menu-main\">\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Bridal Sets</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">All Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Princess Cut Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Semi-Mount Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Solitaire Cut Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Eternity Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Custom Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\";Center+Options:=1.0+Carat\">1 Carat Princess Cut Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\";Center+Options:=2+Carat\">2 Carat Princess Cut Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\";Metal+Options:=18KT+Rose+Gold\">Rose Gold Oval Cut Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\";Metal+Options:=14KT+Rose+Gold\">Rose Gold Solitaire Cut Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n<li><a href=\"\">Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings</a></li>\r\n</ul>\r\n</div>","detail_messages":[],"faceted_search_enabled":true,"facets":[],"id":34,"image":null,"meta":[],"name":"Semi Mounts","products":[],"selected":{"items":[],"remove_all_url":""},"show_compare":1,"state":[],"subcategories":[{"description":"<div class=\"prod-catgs-banner-item\">\r\n<div class=\"banner-img\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"banner\" /></div>\r\n<div class=\"banner-cnt\">\r\n<h1>SOLITAIRE SEMI-MOUNT RINGS</h1>\r\n<div class=\"banner-text\">The timeless elegance of a diamond solitaire is hard to match. At PrimeStyle we take a single diamond and turn it into the shining star at the center of our uniquely designed diamond solitaire rings. Whether your tastes run to the traditional or to the more modern and contemporary you will find that we have a ring for anyone and everyone, all at prices that you have to see to believe.</div>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>","id":69,"image":{"alt":"Solitaire ","data":"{:size}/t/solitaire__28620_category.original.png"},"name":"Solitaire ","product_count":0,"url":""},{"description":"<div class=\"prod-catgs-banner-item\">\r\n<div class=\"banner-img\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"banner\" /></div>\r\n<div class=\"banner-cnt\">\r\n<h1>WHITE GOLD SEMI MOUNT RINGS - YELLOW GOLD AND DIAMOND RINGS - SEMI MOUNT DIAMOND RING</h1>\r\n<div class=\"banner-text\">An engagement ring and a wedding ring - the twin symbols of everlasting love and commitment. With PrimeStyle's uniquely designed matching sets the two come together to form a glamorous and beautiful whole. We offer unique designs to suit every taste - and every budget.</div>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>","id":70,"image":{"alt":"Matching Set","data":"{:size}/r/matching-set__68937_category.original.png"},"name":"Matching Set","product_count":0,"url":""},{"description":"<div class=\"prod-catgs-banner-item\">\r\n<div class=\"banner-img\"><img src=\"\" alt=\"banner\" /></div>\r\n<div class=\"banner-cnt\">\r\n<h1>SIDE STONE ENGAGEMENT RINGS</h1>\r\n<div class=\"banner-text\">An engagement ring is often defined by its central stone. However, when one stone is not enough, there is no reason to settle. Instead, look for side stone engagement rings. Side stones are set into the band of the engagement ring, providing additional sparkle for the central stone.</div>\r\n</div>\r\n</div>","id":71,"image":{"alt":"Side Stones","data":"{:size}/j/side-stones__98518_category.original.png"},"name":"Side Stones","product_count":0,"url":""}],"total_products":0,"url":""}


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