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There are many elements that make up the perfect wedding day, all of them vital to the overall success of the day, but some more than others. The perfect venue, that beautiful bridal gown, a wedding ring that is just right and of course, an amazing wedding cake.

In many cases today’s wedding cakes are far more elaborate than ever before, mini works of art that not only compliment the wedding’s theme but capture the essence of the interests and personalities of the couple getting married as well. Some are breathtakingly elegant in their beauty while others are quirky and amusing and still others are about as extravagant and over the top as you can get.

Here we have gathered together some of what we think are the most amazing wedding cakes of 2013. Take a look at them all and see if you agree.

Photo Credit: Sam's Cakes

Photo Credit: Sam’s Cakes

The Cascade of Flowers

Some brides still want a wedding cake that is rather traditional in design but still has a real wow factor that will astonish their guests. This amazing cake, created by an Arizona based company Sam’s Cakes, is a vision in pink and white with its cascade of roses and its dizzying eight layer height. The pink gum roses alone apparently took more than an hour and half to place and that work was not undertaken until the cake was delivered to the reception venue!

Photo Credit: Charm City Cakes

Photo Credit: Charm City Cakes

Retro Perfection

T.V. fans may remember Baltimore based Charm City Cakes and its head pastry chef Duff Goldman from the show ‘Ace of Cakes’. The company produces a great many unusual and eye-catching creations but we were particularly enamored with this colorful retro gem that would be the perfect choice for a modern bride looking for an edgy, but not too over the top wedding cake.

Photo Credit: Confetti Cakes

Photo Credit: Confetti Cakes

The Scale Model

This cake was a near perfect recreation in miniature of the happy couple’s wedding venue, a restored Victorian mansion in upstate New York. The clever people at the New York City based Confetti Cakes were so ken to make sure that every last detail of their creation was faithful to the original that they took paint chips used in the real thing’s remodeling process to ensure that the colors of their icing matched exactly!

Photo Credit: Cakelava

Photo Credit: Cakelava

Inky Perfection

Cakelava, a Hawaii company, were asked to create a wedding cake for the nuptials of local two tattoo artists. Taking the ocean as their inspiration as well as the bride and groom’s profession they created this vision in black and white that is adorned with koi fish and crashing waves.

Photo Credit: Debbie Does Cakes

Photo Credit: Debbie Does Cakes

The Fashionista’s Cake

The challenge for the California based company Debbie Does Cakes was to create a confection for a bride with a serious passion for shoes. The cake version of these stylish Christian Louboutin heels may have have been as expensive as the real thing however as they were adorned with no less than 250 hand placed Swarovski crystals.

Photo Credit: Maison Laduree

Photo Credit: Maison Laduree

Let Them Eat Cake

That was the famous line attributed to the tragic last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, to whom this stunning creation is an homage. The elegant and intricate topper was even created by world renowned Parisian macaron house Maison Laduree and certainly qualifies as the most elaborate wedding macaron we have ever seen.

Photo Credit: Cookie Craze

Photo Credit: Cookie Craze

Every Child’s Dream

Any child attending the wedding at which this ‘cake’ took center stage must have thought they were dreaming. This is however really a cake that is completely comprised of Oreo cookies. We just hope there was a lot of milk on hand that day as well!

So, now that you have seen them all, which of these stunning wedding cakes appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Cindy Reid says:

    CASCADE OF FLOWERS lve icing and love the beautiful flowers It is so me!

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