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Round cut engagement rings

Round-Cut Engagement Rings

It is no secret that round-cut engagement rings are popular among couples. Most of the top rated brands are offering a range of quality engagement jewelry to suit the budget and preferences of different classes of people for the great occasion such as engagements and weddings.

The advancement in techniques and technology has enabled diamond manufacturers to come up with various innovative rings for the engagement event. So that everyone can afford one. Unlike earlier, only the elite few don’t wear the diamond jewelry, now everyone can afford to wear it and gift it too.

Though there are various diamond jewelry designs to choose from, a majority of couples prefer to go with round cut engagement rings. There are quite a few reasons for that. We state a few below.

Why are Round-Cut Engagement Rings Mostly Chosen?

– The primary reason why round cut pieces are chosen is the fact that these bands come with multi-faceted surface. They make it more lustrous and appealing to the would-be grooms as well as brides. A typical round cut ring comes with 58 facets; the many facets increases the brilliance of the diamond engraved on it.

– The luster and the sparkle of the band are enhanced to a great extent due to the multi-faceted surface. Hence, most of the soon-to-get-married couples choose these engagement rings for the big day.

– The sparkling nature of the diamond engraved in this type of rings accentuates in an impressive way. Lot of brides prefer this style because of its enticing beauty which is not easy to find in other types of bands.

– People also consider round shape as a sign of endless love; round or a circle shape band has no end. Since every couple wishes to live together forever, most of them choose round cut engagement rings for their engagements.

– Less carat weight compared to square cut and pyramid cuts. As a result, lot of money is saved on buying a diamond of your choice. Since weight is the most important determinant of a diamond price, you can save considerable amount of money by choosing a round stone compared to a pyramid or square shaped stone.

–  Nowadays, crafting it is easy compared to other intricate shapes such as a pyramid or a square shape. This further reduces the cost of designing. People who are running on a tight budget often opt for this in order to get the most out of their budget.

–   One can also get it customized without many efforts. Besides that, embedding a round-cut diamond isn’t a big task either. And the good part is even after having a custom-made ring; you don’t have to shell any extra money.

The price is just similar to that of ready made ones. However, few making charges may be added depending upon the jewelry store you buy from.

All you have to do is choose the carat weight of the diamond, the metal for housing the gemstone, and the design. Your custom designed engagement jewelry piece will be ready in no time.

With round cut diamonds, you can choose a different metal for the band and still enjoy a sparkling beauty.


Thus, various reasons and arguments support the choice of round cut engagement rings. The brilliance, the price factor, easy customization, romantic belief all makes round cut the hot choice of a majority of couples all over the world. Hence, these bands are ideal choice for your engagement.

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