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Princess Cut Engagement Rings with Side Stones

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Princess cut engagement rings with side stones are quite popular among would-be grooms who wish to gift something special to their beloved lady. A princess cut diamond itself looks beautiful and appealing, but engraving the main stone flanked by a row of glittering diamonds can surprise and stun any individual including your girlfriend.

princess cut engagement rings

As the name indicates, engagement rings with side stones feature a central gemstone (a rectangular or square princess cut diamond) with other gems along the band. These gemstones are usually smaller and make a pathway to the main diamond.

The type of side stones are determined by your tastes and preferences. The most common types of side stone bands are three stone bands. Such rings feature two gems that match with each other in terms of diamond size, diamond color as well as diamond cut. And, they are placed at the left and right side of the central larger diamond giving the overall ring a lovely appearance.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings with Side Stones

The gems can be stones which may be cheap or expensive depending upon the interest of the shoppers. You can find three stone rings featuring ruby with the central diamond or other cheap stones along with it.

People with limited budget can go for cheaper stones when choosing three stone rings. On the other hand, you can select expensive bands featuring diamonds if money is not an issue.

Three or More Stones Princess Cut Engagement Rings

princess cut engagement rings

Most of the side stone engagement rings feature more than three stones. Such an arrangement gives a new and stunning look to the appearance of the band. Moreover, the increasing number of stones adds to the sparkle and glitter of the overall ring. Usually, these types of arrangements are preferred by women who love the added sparkle to the band.

If a ring features more than two side stones, they are arranged in a way that smaller stones rest on the outside of the band with increasingly larger stones close to the central diamond.

Mono-Color or Multi-Color Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Similarly, you have the option to choose mono color engagement rings or multi-color engagement rings. In a mono color band, the color of all diamonds is the same. This gives uniformity to the overall stones and the band itself. People who are seeking simple yet appealing bands choose to go with mono colored bands than other rings.

On the other hand, many would-be grooms wish to give something unique and appealing to their lady love. And, if you are one of them, you can work with various enticing English colors to come up with a new and innovative item.

Since colors offer various choices and probabilities to create a unique piece, you can certainly make a distinct and never-made piece for your beloved lady by trying different color combinations. It will certainly require time to create and select, but your time and efforts are worth for the great event.

Some love to own multi stone princess cut engagement rings with side stones, but they run short of money. If you have limited budget, you can opt for smaller diamond pieces or other gemstones rings which are affordable.

Since the carat weight of the diamond determines the price of the ring, many brands offer small-sized gemstone as well as medium sized central diamond to fit the budget as well as preferences of end users.

In this way, shoppers can buy top quality items without compromising the quality of the diamond and the overall band.


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