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PrimeStyle Customer Story Contest – WE HAVE A WINNER!

Two weeks ago, we launched our first official PrimeStyle Customer Story Contest where we tried to have the best customers’ engagement stories for our blog. The idea was to learn more about our customers, their experience at PrimeStyle and to bring their beautiful wedding stories for our blog readers.

We published it on our newsletter, Facebook, and all our other networks and guess what? The response was quite overwhelming with several beautiful stories from our customers. In fact, we had a tough time deciding on who to choose as the winner.

But the job had to be done. And, after going through several amazing stories, the PrimeStyle team has finally chosen the winner Shane Scott.

They say, “marriages are made in heaven” and after going through the wedding story of Shane and his wife, Sarah, we totally believe it.

Shane, a PrimeStyle customer, proposed his girl with one of the rings he got from us. And, we’re pleased to hear that, they both tied the knot and is one happy couple.

Here’s Shane’s wedding story of how he proposed his soulmate and how PrimeStyle helped him get a great ring, in his own words.

Shane and Sarah

PrimeStyle; This is the tale of my marriage proposal. When I decided to ask my girl, Sarah, to be my wife I knew nothing about diamonds, jewellery or making proposals. Now I would say I know it all!

First of all I started on my local high street, looking round the jewellers in my city centre. All the jewellery seemed very nice and all but I couldn’t tell why some rings cost so much more than others when they looked similar. Without wanting to sound like an idiot to the girls in the shop I took off home to boot up my computer.

Several hours later I had done some intensive research into jewellery, I had learned about the colours, cuts, shapes, clarity, weight, certification of diamonds and about the sizing and availability of precious metals for the ring – thanks mainly to the education section on
the prime style web site.

I had now in mind what I wanted. A high quality princess cut white gold bridal set with the option of a matching eternity ring, the engagement ring I wanted was a tall solitaire with smaller shoulder stones, and the wedding ring was a simple band with diamonds set round the top half.

Information in mind, and full of optimism I headed back off to my local high street, only to be deeply disappointed – the quality of what I was after in the shops was going to cost me an absolute packet. I was staring down the barrel of a £7000 bill for the bridal set and another £4000 for a high quality eternity ring. I liked the look of an eternity ring which was a triple lined complete diamond studded band; I had seen them on the Internet the day before. £11000 was just something I could not afford on top of the wedding.

Back home the following day I started looking at the Internet jewellers and if to be believed were in the region of 50% cheaper than the high street shops. A glimmer of hope that I might get the set I wanted at a price I could afford. I started browsing. I browsed on and off for a few weeks, until I came back to prime style, I couldn’t believe the advertised
prices. If the site was genuine I had found the one.

The selection available was vast, and the prices were unreal. I eventually settled on what I wanted, but there was a nagging doubt in my mind…. Normally if things seem too good to be true, it’s because they are…. Was I genuinely thinking about sending an internet company I had never heard of, over three thousand of my finest English pounds?

I took a step back, the company, prime style, based in America apparently (I am in England) – the website seemed good quality and legitimate, but you just never know do you? I started researching again, I read up on numerous forums and diamond sites about what was said about Prime style, I also looked through the customer feedbacks. I came to the conclusion that the company was genuine and that there was a good chance my diamonds would
arrive in the post as promised. I slept on it…. ummed and arrred it over.

The next day I took the plunge, I ordered, I did it online, paid with a credit card to give me some kind of protection if it came out to be a hoax. I received email confirmations immediately, was given regular updates on the build of my diamonds, and then eventually (it was actually only a couple of days) a posting tracking number.

36 hours later my package had arrived. I took it out to work with me that morning; I couldn’t risk the girl seeing it. I opened it up at work in my office. I was delighted. Wow I said as I opened it up. Fantastic, totally as advertised, the build quality of the jewellery and brilliance of the gems was phenomenal!! I couldn’t believe it. These were bigger and better than my high street rings at around 30% of the cost.

I was totally blown away with the quality. I knew Sarah would be as well.

The hard part over I thought, now just to pluck up the courage and ask her to marry me…

I knew I had a few weeks before my credit card bill came and my plan would be blown, 2 weeks to ask her – easy I thought. I stashed the engagement ring in my jacket pocket and started thinking. How to ask her….. I was thinking a big romantic gesture. The Eiffel tower, Paris, France I thought right away, how perfect. That night I priced it up, not too bad, we could take the train and stay over.

Next day I said to Sarah, how about we get away this weekend, just us. No she replies, I don’t really feel like it, I have some college work to finish anyway. Ok, I say, bubble slightly burst. Saturday comes round, How about dinner tonight I say, somewhere nice – can’t she says, my mam is coming up later.  Oh I say, starting to worry now – is this not going to go as planned…..

Another Monday to Friday at work with a bulge in my jacket pocked. I ended up locking my jacket in the car in case she found the bling. Friday night comes, how about a drive out in to the lakes this weekend, nice country walk somewhere I said- perfect I thought, out in the country somewhere, romantic setting, just the place to ask her. No no she says the weather forecast is terrible this weekend, I just want to shut the door and stay warm! Phhhhh I am thinking, times running out, credit card bill due any day now, not what I had planned. Sunday morning comes, I am getting nervous now, I know today has to be the day. I can’t risk the bill coming when I am at work tomorrow.

I smuggle the ring into my dressing gown pocket from the car. How to ask her, how to ask her I’m thinking. She makes breakfast, eggs on toast. I can’t even remember eating it, I’m sitting on the floor, she’s on the couch, we’ve finished eating, she’s on her second cup of tea, she’s talking to me. I am nodding, not listening just thinking, I have to ask her, have to ask her, now probably, as later something will come up and get in the way. She’s still talking, I look up, she’s still chatting, something about the neighbours kid, I take out the blue ring box; I just blurt it out, cut her off mid sentence by her account, Sarah? Will you marry me? I’m on one knee now looking at her, in our dressing gowns, 10am on a Sunday morning in our front living room….Not Paris France on the top of the famous tower…..

She looks at me, like I’m mad,,,, yes she says… Good I reply, we kiss. I take the ring out put it on – it fits, just, good guess on my behalf I think… she’s delighted. We make the phone calls around the family….

She loves it, loves the quality, the lustre of the diamonds, the polish of the gold, she’s made up, I am made up….

A tiny snag she says, It’s too tight, the ring, it’s too small, only just, just a bit tight – not to worry I arranged a local jeweller to modify it the following weekend, no problem – all sorted, easy peasy.

So much for my huge romantic gesture, so much for Paris, so much for our favourite restaurant, so much for the romantic walk in the lakes, but thank god for prime style….

Thank you PS, you’re the one.
Shane Scott
Carlisle, England.

We wish them the very best of luck and a great married life ahead. We’re  glad that PrimeStyle could be a part of their memories. His prize, the diamond hearts pendant will be shipped to him asap.

PrimeStyle Customer Story Contest: Launched on November 2
Winner: Shane Scott
Prize Won: Below Diamond Hearts Pendant

Shane’s Prize: Diamond Hearts Pendant

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PrimeStyle Customer Story Contest Winner: Shane Scott Shares His Wedding Story & PrimeStyle Experience, 9.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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