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Jewelry selection tipsFinding suitable jewelry for diverse events is tough. There are innumerable options available for every type of jewelry item. If you want to buy pendants – you’ve solitaire, heart-shaped, journey pendants, etc. Then, if you’re opting for diamond rings – you’ve three-stone rings, gemstone rings, etc.

In short, there’s a big list of jewelry ornaments and designs to select from. Therefore, rather than digging deep into all types of jewelry, let’s discuss about pendants, the difference between solitaire and heart-shaped, and some quick jewelry selection tips.


Like necklaces, pendants are put-in a chain and are worn around the neck. They hang downwards from the chain and are a perfect ornament for women. Most women buy pendants that compliment their dress – either their gown or blouse. And it’s only due to multiple options, men and women have a tough time selecting.

Therefore, we think it’s better to pick from the most famous options – either solitaire or heart-shaped pendants. We list out a few differences for you to ease your work. Carefully read and decide.

Solitaire Pendants vs. Heart Pendants

jewelry selection tips

1. Solitaire pendants comprise of one single diamond. This diamond symbolizes the future relationship between the couple – that two people shall become one with their unity, love, and trust in each other.

Heart Pendants on the other hand symbolize the true love, affection, and bond between the couple. No doubt it is popular and much in demand always. The good part – one can choose any heart-shaped diamond. Jewelers do sell a pair of heart-shaped jewelry – one part of the heart is worn by the woman, and the other half by the man.

2. The former is a perfect wear for every occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, engagement, anniversary, or any other occasion, a solitaire pendant is available in numerous designs and styles. So women buy them irrespective of what event they’re going to wear it.

Heart-shaped pendants are bought only on special occasion. Since they represent love, affection, romance, and commitment of a couple, they’re mostly preferred on valentine day, engagement day, wedding day, or anniversaries.

3. The price is less compared to other jewelry items in the market. But, prices are supposedly higher when compared to heart-shaped pendants.

The price of heart shaped jewelry depends on the metal used, style, and size.In some cases, it costlier than solitaire pendants, and in other, it’s way to cheaper. A large group of pendant lovers choose it for the latter reason.

Jewelry Selection Tips

You must have, by now, decided what to buy. But you still need how-to, right? Some quick tips are below

a. A diamond pendant makes a personal style statement. So the size and the shape matters a lot. Select the diamonds that you are drawn to and then decide the metal; yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

b. Decide the shape – heart shape, solitaire, hummingbirds’ shapes, etc. Then move on to the next important thing i.e. the 4Cs of diamonds. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Do take the 4Cs into consideration.

c. Once that’s done, choose the setting. Check the length of the chain and see if pendant fall on the chest or not. Adjust the length if necessary.

d. Check the authenticity of the jewelry. You’re done.


With suitable options and valuable jewelry selection tips, buying jewelry is now easy. You don’t have to rush things. Make a note of the above jewelry selection tips and follow them. Take your time when you’re shopping. Make every single cent worth it.

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