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7 Good Excuses as to Why Your Husband Doesn’t Wear Wedding Ring

Posted by PrimeStyle Team on Oct 28th 2019

Your husband doesn’t wear wedding ring. Should you be worried?

The question of the year (and on most minds) is [drum roll, please!], why do some husbands not wear a wedding ring? Are there really good excuses as to why some married men don’t wear wedding rings? Or is it usually by choice? After all, there is no shortage of in various styles available so it’s not as if they don’t exist.

husband doesn't wear wedding ring

Ah, but you did exchange rings when you exchanged vows, but his ring finger is naked! That pretty, shiny ring that should symbolize your marriage commitment is sitting in the jewelry box and not on your husband’s hand. Your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring because he chose not. Do you know the reason or does it really matter to you?

Maybe the question really should be, “Why is it perfectly acceptable for a married man to not wear a wedding ring?” In order to answer that question would mean that we would probably need to take a deeper look at our culture and reference a whole bunch of psychological references and that would be really boring. Besides, PrimeStyle manufacturers jewelry, what would we know about any of that!?

So before we go down a dark, educational path, we will jump back to the original topic. Your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring so let’s see if we can offer reasons as to why.

Like we mentioned, in order to avoid a boring blog, PrimeStyle isn’t going to conduct a scientific survey or anything to find the answer. Instead we spent a few hours of classic brain storming and another hour or so of simply asking (this includes a 2 minute conversation with Grandpa who actually does wearing a wedding ring so he wasn’t much help), we came up with a pretty solid list of 7 really good excuses as to why some married men don’t wear wedding rings. We didn’t stop there! We are adding our two cents, of course!

7 Good Excuses as to Why Some Married Men Don’t Wear Wedding Rings

#1 – “I spent so much money on the engagement ring, I couldn’t afford a wedding band!”

Well, geez. Can’t really argue with this one. Diamond engagement rings and can be expensive so this is a really good explanation that seems plausible. Although this person probably didn’t read our PrimeStyle blog, “”. Or maybe his Bride-to-Be insisted on the most expensive diamond engagement ring….ever.  However, when you factor in the cost of a ring and insurance, it can cost a tad more than expected.

#2“I don’t really like jewelry.”

Face it. Most men don’t like jewelry. Some men say their hands are just too big and a ring just doesn’t look right.

Sometimes you can see them fidget with their new ring or possibly they are just oversensitive to the ring if they have never worn one before.

Not everyone likes to wear jewelry and perhaps rings were exchanged at the wedding, but after trying to wearing it for a while, it just didn’t quite feel comfortable.

If it’s really because the ring is not comfortable, PrimeStyle suggests that you check the sizing of your ring and see if it needs to be adjusted. A better fit may be an option.

#3 – “Wearing jewelry makes me feel like a used-car salesman.”

Whoa! Watch the stereotypes! A fairly good excuse that sort of goes with number 3. We’re not really sure how else to respond to this other than saying to keep searching! Surely the perfect ring is out there that is simple. Most wedding rings are plain bands and not full of flash and bling, which is was is usually associated with the “used-car salesman” stereotype.

#4 – “It’s not really part of my culture.”

We promised that we would not dive into a cultural or traditional discussion. So we won’t! Not every culture expects a man to wear a wedding ring so this makes sense.

#5 – “I have a “honey-do” list so long, that it I might as well not wear it because it just gets in the way.”

This one is similar to another excuse: “My job doesn’t allow me to wear jewelry.”

Common items on a “honey-do” list might contain chores such as: clean out the garage, wash the car, mow the yard and build a book case….sound familiar? It’s probably not a good idea to wear a wedding ring while doing these activities. Let’s also consider their occupation which may prohibit someone from wearing jewelry.

Did you know that the military doesn’t allow their members to wear wedding rings while on duty? There are many occupations that prohibit their employees from wearing rings or any other kind of jewelry.

Your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring, because his job doesn’t allow him to. So he probably just decide to not wear it all. After all, he does have his list of chores to attack when he is home, right? We get it. Safety (and “honey-do” list) first!

#6 – “I’m allergic.”

To what? The ring or the marriage? Oh, the metal in the ring, you say! Got it.

Another good excuse, although some of us tried this “excuse” when it came to homework. Although rare, more and more people are developing allergic reactions to metals that contain small traces of nickel. Maybe it’s really not an allergy, but the skin is becoming irritated by the water and soap that gets trapped under the ring? In both situations, it causes a red, unpleasant, itchy rash around the finger.

#7 – “Prince William decided not to wear a ring, so why should I?”

This isn’t necessarily a list with a number one spot, but if it were, this would take the top #1 spot! Ladies, you did marry your Prince Charming, didn’t you?

Well. This concludes our list as to why your husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring. Although we have about ten more excuses to share so it sounds like there might be a follow up blog in the future! Whatever the reason, excuse, explanation is – whether you wear a ring or not doesn’t – a lack of a ring doesn’t negate the love and respect you have for one another. Right?? We had a lot of fun with this blog and we would love to hear your excuses or excuses you might have heard! Please share them with PrimeStyle and we’ll see if we can address them in a future blog!


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