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Besides being stunningly gorgeous, ever wonder why eternity bands are so popular?

Eternity rings for women have graced the hands of many beautiful and powerful women such as Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and are still very popular today. Even men are getting on the eternity ring band-wagon and are starting to wear them as wedding bands and even as engagement rings. What makes these rings so popular?

PrimeStyle did a little research and we discovered the top 4 reasons why eternity bands are so popular

Eternity Bands are the perfect balance between timeless and trendy!

They are the perfect wedding band or statement piece that have the perfect balance of popular and trendy, yet timeless. Originally, they were meant to be given as an anniversary gift or to celebrate the birth of a child, but are fast becoming a “must have” for anyone’s jewelry box.

This style is so classy, that Marylyn Monroe’s wedding ring when she married baseball legend Joe DiMaggio was a beautiful baguette-cut diamond full eternity band set in platinum. Unfortunately, their wedding didn’t last an eternity, which is what an eternity band should represent!

However, they were married in 1954 and over 60 years later, the diamond eternity band is still “in style” and a super popular choice.

Full eternity bands, also referred to as infinity bands, have gemstones that are placed side by side forming a complete circle around the circumference of your finger. The cut of the gemstone is usually the same and settings can vary with the bezel setting being the most modern. These bands also come in various widths and can also be multi-rowed.

This choice is also considered the most popular for those who want to combine their wedding band and engagement ring into one ring or for those searching for the perfect anniversary gift. The colorless sparkle of a diamond will match with any outfit making this a popular style for those who want a ring for every day wear.

You can wear more than just one!

On the same finger, that is. Eternity bands enjoy company. Stacking multiple eternity bands on one finger adds extra drama prefer the look of stacked eternity bands instead of one large engagement ring. Some choose to wear a stack of diamond eternity bands with various widths but emerald eternity bands, ruby eternity rings and rose gold are also gaining popularity as a great alternative to diamonds.

Emeralds can also be a girl’s best friend and they represent love and harmony which also makes them a popular gemstone for engagement rings.

Did you know that emeralds are rarer than diamonds and were once worn and collected by Egyptian queen, Cleopatra? Choosing this colored gemstone instead of diamond makes an emerald eternity band less expensive, but certainly not less glamorous or extravagant.

An emerald eternity band looks amazing in any metal, but look best when set in yellow gold and of course, an emerald cut emerald is usually the preferred cut.

Eternity bands can contain a mix of cuts on one ring!

With an eternity band, you don’t have to choose just one type of cut! A full eternity band has plenty of room on the band to fit a series of mixed cut diamonds or gemstones on one ring. Of course, we don’t suggest you go crazy with various cuts, but we do suggest that you keep it simple with just two different cuts.

For example, if you can’t decide between an emerald or round-cut, you can see that both can live together on the same band in perfect harmony like this favorite from PrimeStyle round and princess cut diamonds eternity band set in white gold.

Round and Princess Cut Eternity Bands


There are two important things to know about full eternity bands.

They are difficult to resize so make sure you get your size right the first time!

Second, full eternity bands are a popular choice because rings tend to naturally spin around your finger and a full eternity band will always display its brilliance regardless which side is up.

A Mix of Diamond Eternity bands and your Other Favorite Gemstone Looks great!

Check out the contrast of the blue sapphire against the white of the diamond in this sapphire and diamonds full eternity band.

So, you don’t have to choose between your love of diamonds and another gemstone as you can have both!

You don’t necessarily have to get a full eternity band to be able to enjoy a mix of cuts or gemstones on one ring. Consider choosing a half eternity band.

Half eternity bands have gemstones placed only on the top half of the band. The top portion can be all diamonds, just gemstones or a combination.

You probably know a mother, maybe your own mother or grandmother, who wears a mother’s ring which is often made in the half eternity band style. A mother’s ring is made with the birthstones of her children and has remained the top most popular gift for mother’s days for over 50 years.

For those on a budget, this is the style of choice, but just because its “half” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s half the price of a full eternity band. It will depend on your choice of metal, the gemstones and the quality of both.

One important thing to know about half-eternity bands is that most assume that having gems only on the top side of the band means that there is less risk of damaging the gems on the underside of your finger. However, most rings will spin so keep this in mind when considering this style.

Now, let’s get real about the major difference between a full eternity band and a half-eternity band.

Many choose the style of a half eternity band style because it’s easier to resize that a full eternity band. Resizing metal is much easier than removing gems! The ability to resize a ring is sometimes overlooked, but let’s be honest, most of us tend to put on a few extra pounds after marriage or having a baby. Having the ability to resize an eternity band makes the half style more practical than a full eternity band.


Delivered as promise! The top 4 reasons why eternity bands are popular. You can mix and match cuts and gemstones and they are timeless and trendy! If you want to see a selection of great eternity bands, visit PrimeStyle.com and if you have other reasons as to why eternity bands are so popular, share!

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