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anniversary gift

Although there are no hard and fast rules governing anniversary gifts – except perhaps that one is expected – traditionally every year that passes has a certain set of gifts associated with it, and that is certainly true when it comes to one of the most popular of gifts, anniversary jewelry.

While you certainly do not have to follow these guidelines, when shopping for the perfect token of your ongoing affection and commitment, they can be rather useful if you are in need of a little extra inspiration.

1st Anniversary – Gold

16102_YG_1bThe fact that traditionally gold jewelry is an appropriate gift for a first wedding anniversary does mean that there are a huge range of options open to you.  Since it is really not so long ago that the newly married woman gained not just one but in most cases two stunning new rings (in the form of their engagement ring and wedding ring) something slightly different is called for.

A journey pendant is an excellent choice. As a physical representation of an intention and desire to remain committed to the ever changing journey that is marriage, these stylish yet subtle pieces of fine gold jewelry are both very timely and totally appropriate.

5th Anniversary – Sapphire

15942_1bIn Ancient Greece, the sapphire was said to be a gem with energizing properties and a symbol of joyful devotion, making it a rather timely anniversary gift celebrating a marriage a that has survived the first five years intact. Although most people think of a beautiful deep blue when they think about the sapphire you can also find gorgeous examples that are a delicate pink in color. Pink sapphires are considered to have a slightly different meaning though, symbolizing strength and healing.

10th Anniversary – Diamond

15415_1bA decade of marriage is certainly something well worth celebrating in rather high style, so it is quite appropriate that the most dazzling of gemstones, the diamond, is the traditional stone associated with this milestone.  On this occasion a real statement piece is really in order, whether that is a stunning diamond fashion ring, an eternity ring full of meaning or even a discreet, stylish pair of diamond earrings.


20th Anniversary – Emerald

15563_1bFor thousands of years of years the emerald has been considered to be the symbol of enduring love. The gem first gained popularity when the beautiful Queen Cleopatra adopted it as her favorite jewel and later the Ancient Romans designated the emerald as the accepted form of tribute to the Goddess of Love, Venus. Interestingly, the Ancient Greeks also believed that wearing an emerald made the wearer more intelligent and honest.


50th Anniversary – Gold Again

71218_1bReaching the momentous milestone of a 50th wedding anniversary is an occasion that is almost always celebrated in a very big way. A gift of fine jewelry is certainly totally appropriate for a 50th anniversary gift and once again, there are a great many beautiful options to choose from when buying gold jewelry, Some couples even choose the occasion of a Golden Anniversary to renew their vows and purchase new gold wedding rings to mark their ongoing bond.


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  1. Such an informative blog about the anniversary gifts. Although the jewelery traditions keeps on changing with the time but the things that remains the same are the authenticity of the diamonds and the various jewelery.

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