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If you believe that buying expensive jewelry from an online dealer is risky — think again. Online jewelry sales are booming to the tune of over $3 billion annually in the United States. If you are considering going online to purchase an engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary jewelry, here are three very good reasons why it is an excellent idea.

Lower prices

There is one thing that traditional jewelry stores have that online jewelers don’t — the huge overhead of their brick-and-mortar operations. Because their day-to-day expenses are minimal, online jewelry dealers can normally charge 20% to 60% less than traditional stores — a savings that can really add up. If saving money isn’t your primary concern, you can certainly get more for your dollar when shopping online.

Avoid Scams

Many people are worried about getting scammed by online jewelry dealers, but quite the opposite is true. You are much more likely to fall victim to a scam in a traditional jewelry store than you are when dealing with a reputable online dealer. Common jewelry store scams include the old bait-and-switch, inflated list prices, deposit schemes and bogus in-house appraisals. Because online jewelers do business across state lines, they have more to lose if they violate the law by committing fraud.

Transparency in Transactions

When you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry online, you have an immediate record of the transaction every step of the way, and that is rarely the case with a traditional jewelry store. Let’s say you purchase either a loose diamond or a diamond ring at a brick-and-mortar jeweler. You pay for your purchase and get a receipt, and then leave the stone with the jeweler to have some work done, such as mounting or resizing. There is a very good possibility that the minute you walk out the door of the store, that jeweler is busy switching out the stone you just purchased for one that is of a lower quality and lesser price.

Most people are more worried that their receipt shows the amount of money they just paid, but they rarely insist that the diamond specifications, such as weight, clarity, color and measurements, are on that receipt. When you do finally take your jewelry to an appraiser and realize that you’ve been duped, the jeweler can claim that either you or the appraiser swapped out the stone. This does not happen when you deal with a reputable online jeweler or diamond broker.

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