Nov 11
Shopping for diamond jewelry, engagement rings, bracelets and pendants can be a difficult task. Nowadays there are so many different places, stores, and online outlets to choose from it may become daunting to find the best jewelry deals. We have created a list of the top 5 tips to get the best jewelry deals. Whether you are searching for the best your money can buy or trying to find the best place to customize and make your jewelry, knowing these 5 tips will ensure you will get what you want.

1.50CT princess cut diamonds engagement ring

1.Know the 4C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. This is imperative to know as it is the main factor in determining the final price for your jewelry piece. A lot of time jewelers will try and sell you what you don’t need. For example a color D and F to the naked eye, there is no difference, but the difference in price is huge. If you had a magnifying glass and were a diamond specialist you would be able to see the difference. It is best to save money and get a great deal by going with a very decent color such as G, H, or even I with some stones. The cut of the stone is not as important as the clarity or the carat weight but none the less it is something to pay mind to. A clarity mark of VS2 or SI1 as a minimum is a great place to start. Again without being a diamond specialist it is difficult to discern the differences. Obvious CT weight plays a big factor in price but if you go with lower cut, clarity and color grades you can easily increase the CT size to fit within your budget.

2.Knowing which metal type you would like to select for your jewelry. Platinum is the most expensive but most durable. For gold, 14KT is cheaper but more durable while 18KT gold is more expensive but not as durable. This comes down to preference as to what you feel comfortable with for the type of metal that will hold your expensive diamonds.

3.Shopping online can save you great money and a really important tip to get the best jewelry deals. Online outlets offer unbeatable prices and many places offer the same jewelry styles and design for a fraction of the cost. Mostly in part that their business is done online they are able to offer great prices. Be sure you receive your correct certificates and appraisals with your order should you need to have the item insured and for your own records as they authenticate your purchase.

4.Another great tip is to purchase jewelry during the sale times of the year. This will get you the same great product at an already discounted price for even cheaper! Saving money never hurt anyone.

5.Our final tip to find the best jewelry deals is too really shop around. Be sure to check out all your local dealers as well as antique shops and pawn shops and really compare prices. One place might offer you the same style for twice as much simply because the area the store is located in.

These 5 tips will ensure that you find the best jewelry deals for your money. Following them closely, having your money budgeted and knowing exactly what you want to get is the ultimate deal. 
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5 Tips To Get The Best Jewelry Deals, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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5 Responses to 5 Tips To Get The Best Jewelry Deals

  1. Alice says:

    The 4C’s is so important to know, i didnt know this until i read this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. vernell fitts says:

    what is the cost of the ring

  3. PrimeStyle.Com says:

    $1,128.99 you check the order page by visiting this page: http://www.primestyle.com/140ct-princess-diamonds-engagement-ring-p-49763.html

  4. We ordered our wedding rings w/gold w/ very nice diamonds. We ordered them with easy and friendy company. We ordered 1st week of the month & got the rings in mail by end of month. Primestyle ALWAY kept us informed where they were with our order, that was nice. We opened the set and was so shocked how beautiful they are – a double WOW facter. So we then ordered one band that matches the wedding set, for our 1st anniversary. Opps but for what ever reason it can 3 sizes to small. My engagement ring had one small square diamond tip set just abit crooked and I coud feel it with my finger tip. So I reported it. When the band came I had to send it back for repair anyways so I decided to send all 3 ring for repair and make sure that all three will all match up,
    If by chance you need to send them back like I have to…
    Primestyle is very great. They tell you exactly what to do to prepare your package and what to print that has to go with the package and the order repair code and a package code that must be visible on parcell.
    I used Canada Post and customer do pay for the insurance and postage to send it. Cost me $56. Bucks Can. Then you can track it on canada post online.
    So they should have my rings by now for repair soon.
    So now I am just waiting for them to be returned.

    Yes we were nervous ordering our wedding rings online sending around $3,000.00 USD on our credit card. BUT I DID MY HOMEWORK and checked out the Company first. CAN’T BE TO CAREFUL!!!

    So it turned out they had a great report , and we took our chances with them and we are very happy.
    As far as that I had to send them back for repair. Like everything in life we all are human and sometimes we make errors. I know I have at work.
    So I had to send them back unfortunately but somethings that’s life.
    I KNOW THEY WILL BE PERFECT WHEN I GET THEN BACK, and that’s all that matters by the end of the day. Tip in life for all.
    Thank You Primestyle.
    Theresa B

    • PrimeStyle.Com says:

      We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with others. Here at Primestyle, we value customer satisfaction and always aim to provide custoomers with great memorable experience.

      Thank you for understanding that as much as we exert all effort to make each order 100% good some issues may not be avoided, but rest assured everything will be handled accordingly.

      We are looking forward to yet another fruitful transaction with you. It is always a pleasure to be part of wonderful events in our customers lives.

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