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If you’ve just been proposed to you’ve just started your new life with
 your significant other.  After you have got your perfect engagement ring you can now choose a perfect matching wedding band.  You can go with a traditional gold wedding band, which will be great and in style for you for years and years to come. But if just a traditional band is too ordinary for you, you might want to consider a flashier look you can choose channel set diamonds.  In the end, the point of a wedding band is to find one that fits your marriage’s personality and style.  They should fit along with the perfect engagement ring your partner proposed to you with.  There’s several right answers for wedding bands and no wrong answer to what kind of style you choose.  Gold, silver and platinum are all great matches for your wedding band to go with your perfect engagement ring.

There are many styles and metals to go with for your wedding band to go with your perfect engagement ring.  There’s yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.  Yellow gold is the most common of the 3 and comes in 14k, 18k, and 24k.  14k is the most durable which is great for preventing scratches  and it is the least expensive but it also has the least gold content.  24k carat gold is the purest of the 3 but it is also the softer more malleable metal.  White gold is a top trending metal with a lot of benefits.  White gold is a cross between platinum and silver and is far cheaper than platinum. 

Platinum is the most luxurious of the choices for your wedding bands.  Platinum is a stylish ultra rare metal that is more expensive than gold. It is also the hardest metal.  Platinum symbolizes enduring love.  Also, if you or your partner has allergies then platinum is the way to go since it is not mixed with lesser metals.  These are all great options for your wedding band to go along with your perfect engagement ring.

There are tons of design options to go with for wedding bands.  You can outfit your wedding band with precious gems but keep in mind this wedding band will be worn by you every day for the rest of your life.  In general, while the more malleable stones can be very pretty, they can go through wear and tear over the long duration that they are put through.  The most malleable precious stones are opal, garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and emeralds.  The more durable metals are sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

A top luxurious ring that is best selling right now is the 1.55 Carat emerald and princess cut diamond engagement ring through Prime Style. 

After you’ve been proposed to with that perfect engagement ring, the perfect wedding band is essential to start shopping around for.  Just like the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands have a lot of options available for you including different metals, sizes and precious gems.

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