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So you have your engagement ring set and ready.  You’re ready to start shopping for that perfect wedding band but you’re not sure how to match the wedding band to your engagement ring.  Well we have 5 great tips for you to get you started. You will be wearing these rings together for years to come throughout your marriage and therefore will be looking at them every day. 

First you need to start browsing early for good matches to your engagement ring. The next step is to think practical about rings.  Set a clear budget out there for your wedding rings.  Narrow down your choices and finally check for quality in the rings.

Follow these 5 tips to get the wedding ring you want that will fit with your new engagement ring.  Along with these tips remember to keep your wedding band practical.  Buying a practical wedding ring rather than going for more luxury can be a great idea. Consider you will have to take off your ring every day for the shower, possibly gardening and work with your hands.

1.  The first tip
to start looking around early for wedding bands that fit your engagement ring. Favorite websites that catch your eye and have a goal of browsing several dozen over a week or two time period. If you want to engrave something into your ring, remember that this engagement process can take up to a month or longer. It’s never too early to start looking, and it can actually be quite fun.

2.  Stay practical

Think about how this wedding band will affect your lifestyle.  You will be seen in public constantly with the ring, do you want it to be a bit more asual or ultra luxurious?  Does the band fit with the color scheme of our engagement ring?  If you have a match, such as a platinum engagement ring and a white gold wedding band this can look great and practical.  There are even ring sets available with both the wedding and engagement rings included in a bundle.

3.   Next keep within your budget  

A set of gold bands cost anywhere from $100-$200 each while platinum bands cost around $400-$600 each.  Wedding rings with diamonds average around $740 and engraving costs an additional $1-8 for each character.

4.  Narrow down your favorites  

With all of the choices available it’s time to narrow down the best options.  Ask yourself if you want both, white and yellow metal bands, or just one of them? Does the wedding band match your engagement ring? 

5.  Double check

for quality in the wedding ring.  Check for two marks inside of the ring’s shank. Manufacturers will list the quality mark in the details such as LAT or 24K inside the ring as well as their trademark. Make sure the ring is in line or better than retail prices for the same rings.

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Top 5 Tips To Help You Create Your Own Matching Wedding Band For Your Engagement Ring, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. WeddingRing Lover says:

    These are great tips in creating a matching wedding band for an engagement ring. Thank you.

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