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types of engagement ringsMany types of engagement rings for women can be found in the market. You can find intricate pieces made from various stones and metals to suit every occasion and event. Some of the popular ones are listed below.

Types of Engagement Rings

Eternity Rings                                                

Eternity RingRight from their introduction, eternity rings contain more than one type of diamond embedded in the piece that circles your finger. Stones are arranged in various patterns such as pave set, channel set, bar set or even bezel set. Irrespective of the patterns, you can enjoy a dazzling effect all the time with all types of pieces.

These pieces can be gifted for any occasion and event. However, they are an ideal choice for engagements or wedding anniversaries as they are well remembered as a sign of love and romance. The band can have any shape of diamond. Brilliant or edge facet are hot choices. Other popular shapes include square, rectangular or princess shapes.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone RingsThese bands are popular for a number of reasons. Occasions such as wedding engagement, birthdays, graduation or anniversaries are primary examples. Diamonds are mostly used as stones in rings and bands, but the recent trend is changing towards other stones such as sapphire emerald or a ruby.

The lovely blue sapphire gifted by Prince Charles to Princess Diana is a special mention in this regard.

While gifting gemstones rings, it is preferable to switch to specific stones. Garnet is an ideal choice for the month of January, amethyst for February, whereas emerald makes a perfect choice for the month of May. The biggest benefit of gemstones is they are relevant gift items for all types of occasions and ceremonies.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire RingsA solitaire ring is an indication for the individual to be married. Moreover, the ring has been in style due to the western culture for engagement ceremonies. A thin band containing a small studded diamond makes the band look elegant. It is no secret that a solitaire band is slowly becoming a most sought after jewelry for all ceremonies and occasions.

These Solitaire rings are available in various shapes and sizes to fit women of all ages. Though pricey, they sparkle and lend you the joy of investing a big amount on the special occasion. Most of these bands are two-toned indicating the elegance and intricacy of the band in small fingers.

Three-stone rings

Three Stone RingsThree-stone rings are a perfect match, if you wish to gift an elegant engagement ring while keeping the cost within a particular price range. Usually, couples prefer this type of bands for their wedding ceremonies. Whether you are buying such a band for an engagement or a wedding event, diamond is a popular stone in these bands.

There are various eye-catchy choices for diamond cuts; some of the prominent ones include round, emerald, princess etc. You can also find some of the exclusive shapes such as radiant, marquis, oval, heart, triangle or cushion for the threes stone bands.

Silver Rings

This is also among the popular types of engagement rings, especially among people with limited finance. Moreover, silver matches perfectly with white dresses that woman usually wears on weddings or engagements.

Classic Rings

As the name indicates, classic rings consist of conventional and traditional designs. These bands are mostly made from gold and diamonds. However, the main reason for their popularity for engagements is the intricate classical designs which queens and princesses of ancient days used to follow.


With the availability of different types of engagement rings, choosing a ring for engagements has become lot easier. Explore all possibilities with respect to shapes, size, material-make, and shop from different types of engagement rings for your lady love.

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