Jul 12

This is a tough one. For men. For women well..not so. Generally, most women love nothing more than being able to while away their time within the confines of a jewelers. Lots of nice shiny precious metal, gorgeous gems, delicious diamonds – all waiting to be bought, worn, shown off.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, along came the internet. Oh my.

The beleaguered males of our species, already burdened with their wives incessant need to own bigger bling, better bling, however-it-comes-we-just-want-it-bling, found themselves faced not only with those long, horrible waits (nervous ones too) outside their local jewelers, they’re now subjected to their wives thrice-weekly pourings over online stores.

Oh my, oh my.

Such is life for modern man. Oh, how far we have come.

Evolution, Mother Nature, we love and salute you for the many wonders in life but why, oh why, the ‘I need jewelry’ mentality of the fairer sex?

It doesn’t help that the rich, the famous and the beautiful constantly parade their overly ostentatious and (sometimes) horribly trashy valuables every time they close their fret doors behind them.

I know I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve seen some pretty young actress dripping in enough diamonds to be seen from the surface of the Moon. You only have to watch one of those entertainment shows, see their diamonds rings, and cast a sneaky sideways look at your wife – to experience that horrible sinking feeling.

She might not say anything, she might never mention it but you know, deep down, that she’s adding the jewelry she’s just seen to her not insignificant memory bank of jewelry-to-own-someday.

Our advice? Buy her something. Something small but perfectly formed, something she didn’t look for or expect. Why? Because a woman loves a surprise of course. That and the fact that she will be so damn delighted with her unexpected gift that she may well forget to browse and scare you for a good while to come.

What to buy? A beautiful little emerald cut diamond ring. A journey pendant. A pair of understated diamond hoops. Don’t go crazy, just go sensible. Lighten your pockets enough to feel a little dismay, but not so much that next season’s tickets are off-limits.

Go on. You know we’re making sense.

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Women And Jewelry – How Deep Are Your Pockets?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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