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You just ordered your dream piece of jewelry at Primestyle.com. Congratulations! The quality craftsmanship of every piece we sell means that your diamonds are truly the purchase of a lifetime.

We know you can’t wait to show off your new bling as much as you can. When you do though, wear and tear is inevitable even on the most expertly crafted jewelry in the world like yours.

But don’t worry, because Primestyle.com has got your back. Our commitment to our customers means we want to go that extra mile to make sure the sparkle on your diamond jewelry never fades from the brilliance that captured your imagination the first time you took it out of the box.

So, to make sure your jewelry goes on shining forever we have provided some invaluable tips here on how to care for one of the most common techniques of jewelers – Rhodium Plated Gold. This type of material, known as “White Metal” is an increasingly popular choice for wedding and engagement rings.

Use the information below help ensure that your jewelry looks like new every time that you put it on.


What is Rhodium Plated Gold?

Rhodium Plated Gold is used to imitate platinum plated gold. The use of Rhodium allows a jeweler to create the polished, white finish of platinum plated gold while retaining the strength of white gold – and to do it for a fraction of the cost.

How Long Can I Expect the Finish on my Rhodium Plated Gold Jewelry to Last?

Although every piece of jewelery is unique, in general the Rhodium plating on a brand new ring should last anywhere from five months to a year before signs of use will become noticeable.

What is the Cleaning Process for Rhodium Plated Gold Jewelery Like?

The replacement of worn or damaged Rhodium Plating on Gold Jewelery is an incredible process in its own right. The thickness of Rhodium plating is no more than a few microns, meaning that the maintenance of your ring will actually take place on a microscopic level! This makes the process extremely delicate, requiring caution and expertise to ensure it is done without hurting the Gold underneath the plating.

How much will it cost to have my Rhodium Plated Gold Jewelry Cleaned?

Although Rhodium can be as expensive as $6,000 per ounce, don’t worry! It will only cost you about $50 to have a Rhodium plated piece of jewelry cleaned and polished.

Now that you have these tips, you can make sure that the elegant, stylish look of your Primestyle.com diamond jewelry will sincerely be “timeless”.

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How Long Will The Rhodium Plating For White Gold Last On My Ring? Is It Better To Purchase It In Platinum?, 5.6 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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3 Responses to How Long Will The Rhodium Plating For White Gold Last On My Ring? Is It Better To Purchase It In Platinum?

  1. Mr new says:

    Hi can you tell me wye when I rhodium
    Plat a ring every thing has started to go
    Yellow before was always ok I’m using about
    5 volts its been ok before can you help

  2. Joey says:


    I went to my local jewelry store to get my cross plated it is 10k in decent shape nothing out of the ordinary I just wanted it white.

    The first day I saw it , it looked great just a few deep areas where I still saw yellow but I could live with it. Not using it leaving it on my dresser away from everything a few days later I noticed spots? on the left and right arms of the cross I noticed 4 circular spots of the under color coming through.

    I took it back they said that it must be something like chlorine that was on the cross maybe through it’s life or another chemical which is making their plating not take?
    They said if they were to do the process over again it would have the exact same issues.
    These spots were not there prior on the very light yellow 10k gold.

    I know nothing about jewelry I just felt this looked like poor workmanship only reason I am asking this question here. I appreciate any feedback I thank you.


  3. PrimeStyle.Com says:

    Since there is no such thing as “white gold” Rhodium is used to plate yellow gold to give it the appearance of white gold. Depending how often the jewelry in question is worn and how your skin reacts to metals will determine how often you will need to add another rhodium plating.

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