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Gorgeous wedding arrangement for a dream wedding

What is your idea of a dream wedding? Is it just exchanging vows in the church and walking home with your smiling bride/groom? Or a lavish beach wedding with friends and family invited to have a ball? Or is it something new and creative?

Whatever your wedding ideas of a dream wedding are – in this recession period – it all revolves around a set budget. The money you could or are willing to spend. Because everything from engagement rings to wedding jewelry need money.

So how do you think you’re going to arrange all that without breaking the bank or leaving a hole in your pocket? Here are a few ways:

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for a dream wedding might sound boring but is practical. You just have to limit the expenditure, not the creativity and lavishness. It’s only going to make things easier for you – you’ll think of a 100 different ideas to make your wedding a more memorable one when you know the numbers well.

Plan Really Well

Dreams don’t come true unless we take good decisions, planned steps. And a dream wedding is no different. Make a note of every possible thing you want to have on the big day. Research well and see where you can cut costs because it’s going to be a dream wedding in recession hit era.

When you’ve everything up on the paper, you can refer it and avoid millions of unnecessary options available out there.

Planning also includes the timing of the wedding. Summer season is a busy season for photographers, venues, hairdressers, and most other services that you may require. And due to high demand, the prices are at peak. Besides that, it could be tricky to get everything arranged at the right time.

Explore, Shop, and Enjoy  

Beautiful wedding jewelry for bridesWedding shopping can cost a bomb if you aren’t sure of what the market is up to. During the recession period, the sales of almost all goods and services have dropped and so did the prices. It’s an opportunity for you to save some money yet get the best deal. So explore all possible options.

Whether you’re buying engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding gowns, or even wedding invitation cards, do look at more places than one. There are borrow, hire, and negotiate options too in the market. Do explore them as well. They are cost effective and are a perfect fit for a awesome wedding even during recession.

Whatever you buy, borrow, or hire, enjoy every bit of your shopping. It’s going to be a lifetime experience.

Keep Things Closer to Home

Yes, it’s going to trim your expenses. Travelling expenses could be a matter of concern, if you run out of cash in the middle of dream wedding day preparations. Therefore, avoid shopping at cities that are far from your place, and choose a nearby venue for the special day.

Apart from these, you can buy second hand items from eBay for a dream wedding too. I just happen to search ‘wedding’ in eBay and whoa there are over 450,000 results. Can you believe? (It’s just an option you can look in it). You can reduce the flower usage to minimum, and also opt for inexpensive glassware and other low cost items.

Dream Wedding – Conclusion

These options are for people who’re hit by recession and are planning for a dream wedding as well.

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