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Diamonds may last forever, but not so diamond engagement ring designs and fashion. These change every other year and it is not always certain that what might be “in” this year will still be considered chic for the next season.

For all the men out there that are concerned with ruining the engagement by popping the question with an outdated diamond engagement ring design, here are few snippets of information that will go a long way in helping you make your engagement memorable.

1.00CT princess and round cut diamonds engagement ring

Note, you don’t have to be planning on getting engaged to read this. There’s no harm in looking around.

Here is the list:


Having been around for quite a while, this trend seems to be gaining momentum. What makes an archi-texture diamond engagement ring so amazing is the prongs and bands that are treated as sculpture that is accented with flowing details giving the diamond engagement ring a pristine look from all dimensions and not just the top.

Classic Color

If you’d like to be a bit different from the rest by not going for a diamond engagement ring, you may want to consider an engagement ring that is embellished in colored gems. Colored gem engagement rings have been around for quite a while, but it was not until Kate Middleton wore her sapphire ring that colored gemstones were considered relevant to today’s youthful generation. Their popularity has been further cemented by Elizabeth Hurley’s sapphire sparkler and Jessica Simpson’s Neil Lane ruby. There’s also a whole range of colors to choose from when it
comes to colored gems, from minty green tourmalines, golden-hued diamonds, luscious mandarin garnets, rubies and sapphires of all colors. 

Square Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Spotting a classic shape and emanating unique brilliance, square-cut diamond engagement rings are a truly classic type of diamond engagement rings. Both Kim Kardashian’s and Anne Hathaway’s lovely ring were anchored on emerald cuts. In the recent past there has been a shift in how outlines are made to rectangular lines or octagonal lines of Asscher cut diamonds of a rounded cushion shape or a well-sized Emerald cut. As far as the setting is concerned, you ought to go for an engagement ring that contrasts the softly rounded details with its icy angularity or perhaps one that has sculptural clean lines that make it stand out. If you opt to go with an engagement ring similar to that of Kim Kardashian, an engagement ring with ideally matched cushion or emerald cut shape may be better than the original. 

Here at primestyle.com, uncompromised quality and discounted direct factory prices are our hallmarks. Why not get that special person a timeless 0.65CT princess and round cut diamond engagement ring this valentine’s that will furnish you both with memories of happy times.

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