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If you’re trying to decide between white gold and platinum for your next jewelry purchase, the decision is simple — buy platinum. White gold can yellow over time, requiring annual maintenance to replace its rhodium plating. Platinum never fades or changes color, no matter how old the jewelry is.

White gold contains anywhere from 58 to 75 percent yellow gold, but platinum is 95 percent pure. Because of its incredible white metal color, it is one of the best metals to enhance the color of your diamonds or other gemstones. It is traditionally used with diamonds since it does not reflect any color into the stone that may make it look dull, although it is being used more and more as the setting for sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other gemstones. Because of its purity, platinum is also the best choice for someone with sensitive skin as it is naturally hypoallergenic.

Platinum jewelry tends to age better than gold jewelry. Gold tends to lose bits of metal each time it is scratched, so it can require hefty maintenance over time. Platinum is extremely dense so you will never have to worry about it wearing away or loosening its grip on your diamonds or other stones.

Your platinum jewelry is very durable, but you still need to use common sense. Remove your jewelry before you start any heavy manual labor, such as yard work. Cleaning solutions or chemicals such as bleach won’t harm your platinum, but they may harm your diamonds or other gemstones.

Store your platinum jewelry in its own jewelry box compartment or chamois bag to keep the platinum from getting worn or allowing it to scratch any gold jewelry you may have. Clean it regularly with a solution of a mild detergent and warm water, following by a buffing with a soft, dry cloth. If you prefer, you can purchase a normal jewelry-cleaning solution to keep your platinum clean and shiny.

In addition to all of the day-to-day care you give your platinum jewelry, you should take it into a professional jewelery shop at least once each year. Have the platinum shined, and have the settings for any gemstones checked thoroughly.

When you are shopping for platinum, look for the hallmark. This is a series of symbols or marks required to indicate that the platinum is of a very high purity. You may see a hallmark in any one of the following configurations: PT950, 950PT, 950PLAT, PT900, 900PT, 900PLAT, PT999 or PT850.

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