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Oct 15

Polyvore! Are you unsure about what your style is or just bad at putting clothes or home décor together? Maybe unsure on how to coordinate jewelry pieces or you are in search of an amazing new piece of jewelry? Polyvore … Continue reading

Aug 12

What is your idea of a dream wedding? Is it just exchanging vows in the church and walking home with your smiling bride/groom? Or a lavish beach wedding with friends and family invited to have a ball? Or is it … Continue reading

Aug 12

The recent history of diamond production is inextricably linked with violence. Blood diamonds, also called conflict diamonds, come from diamond-producing African countries at war. These groups sell the gems to buy weapons and to support armies. This use of diamonds … Continue reading

Apr 12

What are the top 5 diamond jewelry trends to wear and enjoy during summer 2012?  The first is floral jewelry, with an abundance of petals and beads.  This will show your feminine side and you’ll definitely be the center of attention.  The second diamond … Continue reading

Feb 12

Diamonds may last forever, but not so diamond engagement ring designs and fashion. These change every other year and it is not always certain that what might be “in” this year will still be considered chic for the next season. For all … Continue reading