Mar 12

What makes diamonds so expensive and luxurious?  Why are they not considered extremely rare but come with such a high value to them?  It comes down to several expensive processes from getting the diamonds out of nature and into beautiful jewelry. 

Diamond prospectors pay out a lot in equipment and prospecting new areas.  Separating the gemstone quality diamond from the industrial is the next costly step.  Then the process of cutting and polishing the diamond takes place.  Gemstone quality diamonds are separated from the industrial quality portions.  Diamonds are one of the most durable gemstones on the planet and they have a great reputation as being timeless and priceless.  Diamond formation is rare in nature, only coming along with the perfect temperature and pressure combination during a volcanic explosion.  Diamonds are worth their weight, and their elegant brilliance shows it.  Diamonds are worth the symbolic value of love that stick with you even through your worst days. 

Diamond prospectors invest heavily in expensive equipment to extract the diamonds from the earth.  Diamond patches are rare and it can be like searching for gold for these
prospectors.  The prospecting of diamonds can be really hit or miss.  Some of these
prospects end in failure or even take years and years of exploration.  Prospectors take a gamble with every venture they undertake looking for these gemstones.  Not all of the diamond gemstones that have survived from nature are of gemstone quality. 

After the grueling extraction process is complete, gemstones are separated from industrial quality counterparts.  These high quality gemstone diamonds are sold off to various site wholesalers.  It truly is amazing how much process goes into these diamond gemstones to ship them and spread them around the world from the prospectors.  Millions of dollars in costs are paid for through this gemstone quality extraction and dealing process every year. 

Now I’m sure you can guess what happens next.  The diamonds are ready to be polished and professionally cut.  A vital step for the diamond industry and it is incredibly difficult because of the strength of the diamond gemstone.  This consumes hours of time for the jeweler to cut and polish the diamonds just right.  Finally the diamonds are ready to be shown off from the retailer who will then be ready to sell to the final owner. 

Are diamond gems worth their price tag?  Yes they are, they are in line with other jewelry investments and can hold their value.  Other gems simply do not have to go through all of the processing and extraction that diamonds have to go through. Diamonds also have that white sparkle and elegence that other gemstones can’t compare to.  Quality makes the gemstone, and diamonds have a reputation of being the highest quality gem out there.  That is why diamonds are so much more expensive and valuable than other gemstones.

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