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Oct 16

So which hand is the correct hand to wear your engagement ring or what hand does a wedding ring go on?  It’s really your decision and your soul mate’s decision on which hand to place the rings on. Wearing Engagement Rings or Wedding … Continue reading

Oct 15

Beauty, like art is subjective. We hear, often, how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It can be very stressful to pick out the perfect, most beautiful ring for that amazing person in your life. After all, they … Continue reading

Sep 15

They say love is blind, but what if your finances can see your budget clearly? Most couples are so wrapped up in the thought of getting engaged that they fail to see past the proposal. What about purchasing their first … Continue reading

Feb 14

Wedding season has not really got into full swing yet but for those who love a bit of celebrity gossip there are plenty of confirmed – and no so confirmed – star studded nuptials on the horizon for 2014. It … Continue reading

Oct 13

Receiving an engagement ring is, for many women, one of the happiest and most exciting occasions in their life. After years and years of assisting our customers with engagement ring purchases, we at PrimeStyle know that everyone has very different … Continue reading