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Most men feel a tremendous amount of pressure as they get ready to ask that special woman to marry them. While making that type of commitment may make some men sweat, most are more concerned about creating a memorable proposal scenario and buying the perfect engagement ring.

Setting a Budget

Before you start shopping for the engagement ring, you need to set a reasonable budget. Traditionally, men were supposed to spend two times their monthly salary on the engagement ring, but you don’t always see that in practice today.

Instead of following what someone else says you should spend, set a budget based on what you can afford. Before you empty out the bank account, remember that you have a few special expenses to pay for, including a wedding, honeymoon and possibly a new house. Most women would be perfectly happy accepting a smaller stone in lieu of financial security.

Choosing the Ring

For some men, it’s a big gamble choosing the setting, mount and cut of the engagement ring without the knowledge of the fiance. If you do your homework, however, you’re sure to pick out something she’ll love.

engagement ringStart by paying close attention to the jewelry she wears now. Is she into simple, minimalist design or large, ornate pieces? Does she like lots of bling and things that glitter, or does she wear more traditional jewelry? Does she wear silver, white gold or yellow gold?

In your conversations with her, slip in some questions that will help you figure out the answer. Better yet, take on a mall crawl. As you pass the jewelry store, tell her that your watch needs new batteries. As the jeweler is taking care of the watch, you two can window shop. Take special note of the pieces she points out, particularly if they are diamond rings.

Sizing the Ring

By now, you’ve managed to scrape together the money for the ring, you’ve played James Bond to find out the type of ring she wants and you’ve spent hours planning the actual proposal. Imagine getting down on one knee, popping the question and sliding the ring on to her finger — all the way to the first knuckle. It doesn’t fit. That’s a sure-fire way to turn what should have been a memorable proposal into a very awkward moment.

Finding out what ring size she wears isn’t terribly difficult. Ask one of her closest friends or family members to pilfer a ring of hers that you know she wears and sneak it off to the jeweler to find out what size it is. Make sure it’s a ring she doesn’t wear too often so that she won’t miss it for a day or two while you have it.

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