Jul 12

You’re in love. You’re happy. She’s The One. And then some. You’ve decide to propose … but you don’t have The Ring.

Oh my God …

Don’t. Just don’t.

There are better ways to die/end a relationship/run out of luck than trying to express your love to your intended, without a stunning diamond ring to hand. A man without a diamond engagement ring, down on bended knee, a smile on his face and hope in his heart, is a vulnerable man indeed.

Not to mention a very foolhardy one.

All women want (are you listening? We know the answer) is your love, your loyalty, and the biggest, shiniest rock that you can get your hands on.

A diamond is a symbol of eternal love. Of a promise, a kiss, the commitment and loyalty shared between you. It’s also a physical beacon to her friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, hairdresser, therapist… :

  • auto mechanic
  • trash man
  • nail technician
  • gynaecologist
  • secretary
  • the woman that packs her shopping

… that she’s engaged and loved beyond measure, so much so that she’s now in possession of the biggest emerald cut diamond ring since Brad Pitt got down on his (bended) knee and declared his undying love to Angie.

Are you beginning to see why proposing sans ring is akin to a moment of madness?

Being honest? What excuses do you really have. There are so many beautiful rings available, and when you factor in some of the amazing discounts? And anyway … what price love? A man that feels the need to ask his woman for her hand in marriage has got to finish the proposal off with something as beautiful as the request itself.

Not presenting your intended with a ring is a little like buying Krispy Kremes and then not eating them. Or treating yourself to a fabulous new hair cut, and walking out the salon with wet, unfinished hair. You see what we’re getting at?

A well thought-out proposal is only complete when a line’s drawn beneath it – by way of THAT box, containing THAT ring.

Want to propose? Want to ask for a hand in marriage? Our advice? Go shopping.

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