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The best carat size for an engagement ring depends on your budget and likes, dislikes.  On average carat sizes for engagement rings are between half a carat and 1 carat but can be 2 carats or larger!  Smaller carat sizes may be more comfortable to wear and much more affordable depending on how expensive the gemstone is.  Larger carat
sizes are more luxurious and come with a more expensive price tag.  If you are getting a diamond gemstone it’s rare to have a large carat size without a big price tag following suit.  Some of the rings can cost well over $10k and it’s easy to get carried away with shopping for the best ring out there.  The best carat size totally depends on what you are looking for as an individual and your price range.

Even engagement rings with a small carat size can still be beautiful.  You can get great rings on a budget and they may end up being more comfortable to wear from day to day.  In fact many engagement rings do not have gemstones at all and there’s nothing wrong with that. For engagement rings that do have a gemstone however, the best carat size for most is between .5 carats and 1 carat.  Luxurious rings can be upwards of 2 carats with diamonds and platinum.  Those who are looking for a better budget ring may want to go with traditional gold metal rather than the more expensive white gold and platinum metals.  Shop around and compare, it’s really common for jewelers to mark up the retail value of their engagement rings for personal profit. 

While the price of diamonds really starts racking up with a larger carat
size, there are alternative gemstones for your engagement ring as well.  You can get a large carat emerald or other gemstones with a large carat for a fraction of the cost diamonds of the same size will cost.  Many buyers simply want to go with a diamond gem for it’s luxury. In any case the best carat size is around 0.5 to 1.0 carat for most couples.  This is common and shows off the gemstone while also not reaching outrageous costs.  Some jewelers claim that it’s very much a regional average. 

For example in the midwest the average and best carat size for a couple will be between half a carat and one carat.  In New York City, which is the diamond capital of the world, the average carat size  for jewelry is between 1.5 carats and 2 carats in size for the gemstone.  2, 3 and even 4 carat jewels are very common to be bought in New York City, but it’s rare to find this luxury in smaller cities.  The best carat size depends on the couple themselves, and what they feel comfortable with as a couple.

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