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If you’re looking for a beautiful and unconventional ring to present to your girlfriend as you propose, look no further! There are dozens of unusual options for stunning rings featuring colored gemstones, elegant all-metal designs, and unusual diamond engagement ring settings.

Diamonds are classic and traditional for engagement rings, but prospective grooms are increasingly choosing colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst and aquamarine instead of a diamond. These gems can be found in the same elegant cuts and settings as diamonds, but are slightly less expensive and more striking. Gemstone solitaries are a popular choice, as are center stones flanked by small diamonds.

Part of the appeal of an unusual stone can be the stone’s meaning:

Amethyst – symbolizes deep love, sincerity, happiness and wealth

Aquamarine – stands for health, hope, youth and the constancy of love

Emerald – is a symbol of spring, renewal, hope, and tranquility

Pearl’s – meaning is beauty, faithfulness, integrity, purity, wealth and wisdom

Ruby – is protective, symbolizing love, beauty, passion, dignity and happiness

Sapphire – stands for calm, truth, virtue, contemplation, and constancy in love

Rings made of precious metals and set with no stones are another choice in alternative engagement rings. Yellow gold and platinum are popular choices, as are white gold and other colored golds to a lesser degree.

If you’re set on something unique but you still want a diamond, there are plenty of creative options in unusual diamond engagement rings. These include:

Tension rings that hold a diamond in place with pressure instead of the prongs of a conventional setting, enhancing the brilliance of the stone with just as much security;

Diamond rings with multiple stones;

Rings with a metal pattern (such as the Claddagh or Celtic knot pattern) that features a diamond as an integral part of the design

Some couples prefer to pick out an engagement ring together, but it’s still nice to have a gift to present as you propose. Some suitors choose to present their girlfriends with an engagement bracelet as a placeholder for the ring they will find later. This can be an elegant compromise for the man who knows his bride would like to have a say in selecting her engagement ring.

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