Mar 11

The princess cut is among the most expensive diamond cuts which depend on the carats of the diamond gemstone. The shape of the princess cut is square. The four corners have equal size.

A princess cut diamond has an amazing sparkle and was first discovered in the 1970’s. What is delicate in princess cutting is that, the edge is very susceptible to chip easily. The style or design of the diamond is unique, elegant and most of all, rare. Most princess cut diamond rings have simple designs. What make this ring among the most expensive is the unique shape or simply put the cut of the diamond.

Here are some quick tips that must be known about your diamond:

Clarity: It should be clear, not yellowish in color or some kind of pinkish.

The carat of the diamond: Diamonds is weighed in carats. Not necessary with big carats. What is important is with small carat but the clarity is sparkling.

The shape of the diamond she likes: A princess ring is the best engagement ring a woman can have in their life. Aside from the unique shape, this kind of cutting is so sparkling and even with a simple design setting, it is so elegant to look at. Not only does the princess cut look stunning in an engagement ring but it does well with earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

Princess cut engagement rings have lots of designs and settings to choose from.

Before purchasing your engagement ring it is imperative that you first know the size of the finger. Since the princess cut has a dazzling sparkle, so will your love.

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