Mar 11

Of all the diamond engagement ring designs, why not go classic and decide on gorgeous marquise engagement rings? According to some, the Marquise cut was inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and was created for Frances Louis XIV. With its rich background, it illustrates that the Marquise cut is more than fitting for your own royalty of a lady.

The Marquise diamond ring is well recognized for its precision, flair, and design. It is a lengthened stone with pointed ends. Due to its elegant cut and proportion, the size and finish of the diamond is exaggerated, elongating and flattering the fingers of your bride-to-be.

The design of the Marquise diamond engagement ring is incomparable to other ring styles that are available in the market. Your chosen piece may be further enhanced with other smaller diamonds, gemstones, or even a birthstone.

Should you be considering costs, it is also viable to set a smaller stone instead and still create an illusion of a larger carat weight diamond for the engagement ring. The proportions of the Marquise diamond ring will fashion a dramatic effect regardless of its size.

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring, you’re ready to pop the big question and entice her even more to celebrate love and union for the rest of your lifetime together.

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