Jun 12

A marquise engagement ring is a beautiful choice for those looking to buy an exquisite yet classic style of ring. The cut itself is known for being one that delivers a higher carat due to its shape, as well as a certain elegance that only comes with this particular style.Historically, the marquise cut goes all the way back to mid 18th  century France, to the Royal court no less.

King Louis XV called for a diamond that was (to him) a reflection of his paramour’s smile. He loved her enough to commission a replica of one of her features, which is a truly romantic foundation for the marquise diamond. Over the years the shape was refined until it became the Marquise cut that we know today. Typically, the stone is made up of 56 facets, most of which are on the crown, the remainder found upon the pavilion.

As with other cuts, when a Marquise cut diamond is set into an equally beautiful ring, the results are stunning. An engagement ring set with such a stone brings the old adage ‘diamonds are forever’ into play, because diamonds represent energy, passion and purity. What better way to celebrate a promise of marriage than with a diamond set engagement ring?

Stepping back from the reason behind your decision to buy an engagement ring, did you know that this particular style is one of the most popular, and it’s also considered to be an upmarket design? How do we know? We know because it’s our business to do so – plus we’re experts when it comes to jewelry. We know our stones, our precious metals, we know what works for what occasion, and much more.

Primestyle.com are market leaders in a whole range of elegant, high-quality jewelry. We’ve been doing what we do for many years, and we also know what our customers want. Our marquise cut engagement rings are but one design, one of many, and this is why we know how popular they are, and why. A quick look at our current selection will demonstrate just how beautiful our collection is, and perhaps convince you that King Louis XII was right all those years ago.

Celebrating your promise of marriage to each other should be done with love and honor, and what more perfect way than to purchase a ring that reflects your commitment? Even better, with a ring that’s set with a
diamond that was, once upon a time, created out of one man’s love for
his beloved?

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The Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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