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Emerald cut stones are a type of step cut, one where facets appear to be “steps” carved into the gem. Specifically, the emerald cut is a rectangular shape with slightly cropped corners. Originally, the cut was developed for use on emeralds, but its sophisticated appearance quickly led it to be a popular choice for diamonds as well.

Long lines of the rectangular shape give it less overall fire than popular round shapes, but the flashes of color in emerald cut engagement rings are more prominent as they reflect in the sleek stone. Emerald, Asscher, and princess cuts all appear similar, but savvy consumers can easily spot the differences:

Emerald cuts are long rectangles with only slightly cropped corners.

Asscher cuts are squares with deeply trimmed corners.

Princess cuts are squares without any trimming.

Because of the elongated shape of an emerald cut diamond, they are often paired with accent stones, particularly tapered baguettes and other emerald cuts. An emerald cut solitaire can be a striking ring, however, particularly for a woman with slender, long fingers that will serve to elongate the stone even further. Women with very short, thick fingers, however, may appear out of proportion with a rectangular stone.

Emeralds cut engagement rings are versatile as round shapes, and they can be found in any number of designs, including bridal sets, unique styles, and contemporary rings. The most common setting is a classic four-prong arrangement that gives stability to the stone while protecting the delicate edges, but more unusual settings can also be found. The most unusual style of all is to find a stone set lengthwise along the band rather than perpendicular to it.

Most jewelers carry a selection of emerald cut rings on hand, and others will custom order or make additional designs on request. Because of the simplicity of the cut, it is generally less expensive than round cuts of similar quality, making it a nicely affordable option for couples on a budget. Because of the stone’s elongated shape, it may also appear to be a higher carat weight than other shapes, letting the couple concentrate their resources on the ring’s design and details rather than the center stone.

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2 Responses to Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

  1. Dyna says:

    I wanted an Emerald Eternity Ring 2.5cts but received a Baguette Eternity 2.16 instead. The stones are very tiny and it’s a 2mm band but good gold with hearts in center. I wish I could have looked at Emerald one in person though. My hubby put it on my hand so I’m happy. Best of luck to you as these rings are beautiful. Now I need a right hand ring. I want a wrap around one that has diamonds all over it. Not a wedding wrap ring; a right hand wrap ring.

  2. PrimeStyle.Com says:

    We can easily do customization’s for you. We are your Direct Factory, Jewelry Manufacturer and make each item as it is ordered. Please use the “contact us” page on our site and send us a message with all the specifications you are looking for, as well include any photos or links you may have. We will give you a price quote for this no problem.

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