Apr 11

Picking the perfect engagement ring for your beloved bride-to-be may cause anxiety and panic attack to men. Because of the overwhelming sight of so many kinds of rings, some men will settle with the engagement ring that his friend or relative might have suggested. In worse cases, they might even take the ring that the jewelry boutique staff has suggested.

Before buying an engagement ring to propose to your special someone, it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. Here is a run-down on how you can pick the best and most suited engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife.

First, drop hints that would let her spill the much needed facts for you to pick the best ring for her. Ask questions like, “Honey, I think gold jewelry really looks good on you. What do you say?” or ask, “Love, don’t you think there’s just too much kinds of jewelry nowadays. What’s the fad now?” You’re sure to get answers without giving her a hint about your surprise.

Second, try to rummage through her jewelry box and check out the stuff inside. Is it full of gold, white gold or silver jewelry? Is she fond of pearls, diamonds or precious stones? Also, notice the jewelry she wears most of the time. This will give you a hint of what kind of engagement ring will suit her the most.

Third, read magazines and check websites about the latest trend in jewelry nowadays. This will give you an idea of what kind of ring to look for when you go to a jewelry boutique. Try comparing and see what looks best among the engagement ring choices.

Lastly, when buying an engagement ring, don’t forget to consider the price tag. You may have given her an expensive and valuable engagement ring, but afterwards, you won’t be able to provide her with basic needs during your married life. Try to find an engagement ring that is beautiful, valuable, but will also work well within your budget.

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