May 12

Diamond engagement rings are symbols of love and the essence of everlasting and universal beauty. These are all feelings and emotions closed in one, stunning piece of jewelry. Nevertheless, to choose the one, unique engagement ring is not an easy thing.

All diamonds have the power to amaze, charm and mesmerize but this one we pick, is to speak for us. During the tough selection process, we need to know and take into account some important factors like the overall diamond ring setting, clarity, color, carat weight and diamond cuts for engagement rings. Even such a extraordinary product of nature as diamond need man’s help to reveal all its energy.

It is possible only through an appropriate cut which is art in itself. Thanks to the cut, the characteristic diamond sparkle comes out to the sunlight. Although, one may think that the most popular cut for this special occasion is heart-shaped diamond there is nothing more misleading. As it turns out, there are more acclaimed and widely chosen diamond cuts for engagement rings.

1. For most of the people the round diamond cuts for engagement rings are the most attractive. Round Brilliant cut and its implementation influence the diamond ring’s price as there is the biggest stone lost during cutting. Round diamond cuts for engagement rings is a guarantee of the best light reflection and the greatest brilliance as it has perfect proportions which makes the internal and external reflection effect stronger. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were amongst those men that have decided for this kind of round cut diamonds for their beloved.

2. Another known and liked cut is emerald cut. Probably one of the most impressive examples is the engagement ring given to Camilla Parker Bowles by Prince Charles. It is an Art Deco era ring made of platinum with an Emerald-shaped center with three diamond baguettes on each side. Once it was owned by the Queen Mother. Today, emerald diamond cuts for engagement rings are one of the most renowned of the fancy cuts. These kinds of diamonds are characterized by longer lines and have less shine than the round cut diamonds, however it features wider light reflection. It should be mentioned that emerald-shaped diamonds have classical and subtle elegance.

3. Pear diamond cuts for engagement rings are equally fashionable, attractive and well-known. It is a fancy cut which is generally a variation of the round brilliance cut. Pear-shaped diamonds have very good proportions at an angle of light reflection. 5 carat diamond ring got Jessica Simpson. Big, pear-shaped diamond was accompanied by two smaller ones at each side. Marquise variation is also popular and commonly chosen.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Do you have Marquie cut diamond rings? Couldn’t find. Thank you

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