Jul 11

Rare Diamonds

By PrimeStyle.Com

Pink diamonds, unlike 1 carat round colorless diamonds, are truly rare. In fact, pink is one of the rarest colors. Only red diamonds and blue diamonds are rarer. Given the rarity, pink diamonds are not for the tight budgets but more affordable ones can be found. First you have to have some understanding of the pink diamond grading scale, which is difficult to say the least.

Size and clarity are less important than color when it comes to rare pink diamond pricing. Words like Fancy, Intense, Vivid, Deep preceding the word pink, all mean a higher price range. Light, Very Light and Faint adjectives put the prices on the lower end of the scale. A Fancy Intense Pink rare diamond in a 1 carat size can run over $100,000!

Often, when a cutter is presented with pink colored rough diamond, they’ll cut an unusual shape to get the most carat weight out of the rare diamond.

You pay the high price of a rare pink diamond; you should expect NO LESS than a genuine GIA report. It can be a full report or a GIA Color Origin Report. The GIA tests for natural color. And GIA is the gold standard of reports and the only lab that knows colored diamonds. And when it comes to grading the color, you want top notch since little things can make a huge difference in price.

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