Oct 11

If you are considering buying diamonds from an online jeweler or jewelry factory, you would probably end up saving a lot of money. Most of the online jewelers are usually diamond wholesalers that have started up a website for their existing business to either help advertise for their business or add items that are not usually shown in the store.

You would save a lot of money with an online diamond purchase but this medium does require you to be more alert and educated about what you are buying. When buying from an online jeweler, you should already know what you are looking for and the amount of money you should spend in order to get it. There are tons of unreliable and untrustworthy jewelers on the internet as well, so do your research on the company you select.

There are 5 important things to keep in mind when purchasing diamond jewelry but these things are even more important if you are purchasing online.

The first is the carat weight. The carat weight is the measurement that they use for diamonds. You should keep in mind that the cost of one large diamond of a particular carat weight would be much higher than the cost of numerous smaller diamonds where the total carat weight equals the same amount.

The second is the cut or brilliance. The cut of a diamond describes its beauty because this determines how much brilliance the diamond will have. The better the choice of cut of a diamond, the more brilliant or sparkle the stone will have. The clarity and inclusions is next. The clarity of a diamond basically describes how included or flawed the stone is. This has a lot to do with its beauty. You should know that some flaws are visible to the naked eye, and others have to be magnified to see them. 

The current color trend is next. Diamonds, which are usually white, are wanted more in bridal jewelry. The colorless diamonds have a classic feel that most women want and look for. But as times have changed, the trends have changed as well.

Lately, colored diamonds have been utilized more and more especially by celebrities. As the colored diamonds have become more popular and have become a major fashion trend customers have started to appreciate them in bridal jewelry more. I’m sure to some this may seem like a risky venture, but buying from the Internet can be very safe. Lets go over some of the pros and cons:


Options: When you shop online, you can find some of the best-cut diamonds because many Internet merchants are able to list their entire wholesaler inventories so there is a larger selection to choose from. 

Pricing: Usually Internet prices are competitive because of the low cost of operation. Also when the item is shipped from a different state you may avoid certain taxes or charges.

Flexibility: A great benefit of Internet shopping is that you can have the diamonds shipped directly to you so you can view them in your preferred lighting versus the stores. You just have be aware of the stores internet return policy.


Uncertainty: Not being sure that you will receive exactly what you paid for.
Lack of trust: How can you trust to send money without seeing what you are buying.
Doubts: How can you be sure that the company will uphold their part of the transaction.

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