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Oct 13

Increasingly these days the celebration of a milestone sixteenth birthday is expected to be bigger and better than ever and that includes the gifts. It is traditional for the close relatives of a girl celebrating a Sweet Sixteen to buy … Continue reading

Oct 13

Did you ever look at a beautiful diamond and wonder just how something that began life as a rock mined from the ground ended up a something so precious? The simple fact is that there is a lot more to … Continue reading

Sep 13

Did you ever wonder just who it was who first decided that a sparkly diamond ring was the best way to symbolize an engagement and to plight one’s troth? Well, most people give credit for that to one Archduke Maximilian … Continue reading

Dec 12

Every individual has his/her own reason to buy diamond heart pendants. Some buy it as a gift for the beloved, some buy out of their love for jewelry, while others as an investment in diamond jewelry. The motives are many … Continue reading

Nov 12

  The demand for diamonds is never ending. Citing which fraudsters take advantage and sell fake diamonds to people who cannot differentiate between a real and fake one. Therefore, being a Diamond manufacturer, we think it’s important to discuss how … Continue reading