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The question often comes up, which ring should be more luxurious, the wedding ring or the engagement ring?  In most cases the engagement ring costs more, while the wedding band is more symbolic and important.  Remember that both rings are traditional and not necessary, but most women want both of them.  A ring is just a ring until you attach meaning to it.  Even though the wedding ring is the most important of the two rings, it does not have to be more luxurious than the e-ring to show off its meaning.  In most cases the engagement ring will be more expensive and luxurious while the wedding ring will be more symbolic of your marriage’s unity with your spouse. 

The wedding ring is typically more practical than the engagement ring for a marriage. This is because many women like to wear just the wedding band day to day, and it can be a hassle taking special care of a luxurious e-ring wearing it constantly day in and day out.  Engagement rings are usually more luxurious and often have a gemstone mounted on top of the ring, such as a ruby, sapphire or diamond. 

Some couples like to choose wedding rings and engagement rings that come in a matching set. This is a good choice for those who want to wear both of the rings around in their daily lives.  Matching sets of rings tend to have matching colors of metal choices.  This means both the wedding ring and engagement ring use a yellow gold metal, white gold/platinum metal but never mix the two colors of metals together.  For luxurious matching sets, this means both of the rings have matching gemstones as well such as both rings contain diamonds or gemstones that look good together.  After all you will be wearing both of the rings together and sometimes wearing them both on the same finger.

When you are shopping for wedding rings, don’t be afraid to go after a more practical choice. Keep your daily lifestyle in mind. There’s not much point in buying something that is pretty but makes you uncomfortable and you feel you need to remove the ring often.  You’re going to be wearing this ring every day after all.  This is one reason why
wedding bands are less likely to have a gemstone attached. 

Yes a gemstone is pretty, but a lot of women find it to be uncomfortable wearing it day it day in and day out.  It all comes down to the woman wearing them, whether they want to go for luxury with their wedding band or would choose something more practical.  If you choose to wear both in your everyday life you can go with a matching ring set so they
look even better when worn together.

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