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It is not uncommon for a broad range of styles and designs to be used in enhancing a diamond ring’s appeal. One way of generating visual interest in a diamond wedding ring is by choosing a diamond with a geometrically shaped center, such as solitaire, for a design.

Another way of getting an extremely appealing shape on a wedding ring can be made possible through a ring setting in which princess-shaped or ring diamonds are placed in a particular style in order to emphasize a unique shape. Lastly, a wedding ring could achieve visual interest if, for instance, a conventional diamond center engagement ring is paired with either a single or pair of diamond wedding bands that form a geometrical shape that surrounds the center diamond(s).

When overwhelmed with different diamond shapes, you could easily pick the wrong one for your partner. For this reason, it is very important to know whether she has a favorite diamond shape. In case she does have one, you will be better off choosing diamond shaped wedding rings that go with her preference. If your partner has no favorite diamond ring shape, try and picture her putting on a variety of rings with different shapes while keeping in mind the ring’s ball park dimensions. Remember though that diamond carat sizes are not determined by dimensions rather by weight. An emerald cut, marquise, cushion or pear shaped diamond can significantly increase wedding rings’ visual appeal to a ring setting such as a solitaire.

An equally attractive and beautiful diamond shape is that of a princess cut diamond transformed to give a diamond shaped look.

Princess and round cut diamonds give wonderful results as well. When turned and grouped together princess diamonds can be used to create a much bigger and flamboyant look. To achieve visual interest, round diamonds are usually set surrounding an oval shaped, emerald cut or round diamond in a halo. In addition, the resulting appearance makes the ring look much larger on the recipient’s finger. To create an exquisite and distinctive wedding ring, round and princess shaped diamonds may be clustered together at the center, as
well as in bands or swirls.

Just because the diamond of your choice has a conventionally styled round diamond center, three stone round or princess cut diamond wedding ring, doesn’t mean that supplementary visual interest cannot be enhanced. By pairing such wedding rings with more wedding rings that come with swirled, triangular or rounded details may create a beautiful effect. For instance, a circular solitaire with double wedding rings which when paired together form a diamond shape surrounding the diamond in the middle. It is also possible to pair various wedding ring designs with three stone diamond wedding rings or other style wedding rings in order to achieve the desired effect.

There are a lot of ways through which you could add your wedding ring’s appeal. Despite how you choose to include geometric shapes, doing so is certain to result into a beautiful wedding ring set!

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Making a Use of a Variety of Geometric Shapes to Increase a Diamond Ring’s Appeal, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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