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Three stone rings can make a great engagement ring, anniversary gift or a token to show how much you care.  Three ring stones are elegant and symbolize the three gifts of marriage: romance, commitment and love.  Along with marriage symbolism, the classic symbolism of three stone rings represent a couple’s past, present and future.  With this rich symbolism in mind there are many things to consider when picking out a three stone ring to buy.  First you need to choose a ring design, this involves picking a gemstone type, the ring setting, stone size and shape and the ring setting.

Three stone rings with secure settings and good alignment are essential. If a ring is loose or angled out of its setting you should avoid this ring or get your money back.  The ring needs good alignment with gemstones that are centered perfectly adjacent with each other.  Finding great jewelry requires great jewelers.  Check their credentials before you buy so that you make sure you make a quality purchase.  

Cost is an important factor to consider as well. Three stone rings will generally cost a bit more since they have a larger carat weight overall compared to single gemstone rings.  The quality of the gems will effect price too.  It’s recommended to go with real stones rather than imitation stones, but if you cannot budget real stones, then imitation stones are one option.  Gold and white gold metals are less costly than the rarest of the metals, which are platinum and titanium.

Next you will want to choose the design for the rings.  This may be stone type, stone size and shape, metal type and accents you want.  Common stones to use for a three stone ring are diamonds, colored gems like emeralds and sapphires.  The size of the stones you want will depend on your budget and desires.  Shapes for the three stones range from round, princess square cuts and emerald rectangle cuts.  Settings for a three gemstone ring are commonly the classic tiffany style where stones are held prominently above the ring side.  Bezel settings are also available.  Metal types that are most popular are gold, white gold and platinum. But other metals such as titanium are also available.

When you are buying a three stone ring there are several things to consider when you are shopping.  First you want to consider the overall cost of the gem.  Do you want a more luxurious platinum metal and large carat in the gems?  These can be costly and add a lot to the cost.  Next make sure the rings you are looking at have a secure setting with good centered alignment and stone size to fit the setting. Last, consider all the settings you want from your three gemstone ring.  Consider all of the different kinds of stones, metals, stone sizes, shapes and settings available. 

Summary: There are important details to consider when you are buying a three stone ring. First you want to make sure that the ring has a  good alignment, stone size and secure setting.  Next consider cost so it can fit your budget.  Finally you want to customize your ring with the stone size, setting, and type of metal in mind.

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