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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options available for the setting of your diamonds on an eternity band.  The styles have changed since the classical simple gold wedding bands that were so common
with previous generations of jewelry styles. Diamond wedding bands have a ton of possibilities now that weren’t possible or popular for previous generations. 

Now there are new luxurious options of rhodium plated white gold settings as well as simple gold or even platinum for the more prestige buyers of an eternity band.  No matter if you are looking for a full eternity band or a partial one, a scattered diamond band or a five stone diamond band, round or princess cut diamond bands you will find the band that’s right for you.  With that said there are good choices for a band and then there are the best timeless choices for your jewelry.  This article can help you find the best type of setting for your eternity band and really get your marriage off on a great start.

With how great all of the diamond wedding bands out there look, it’s easy to get carried away with the first couple you look at.  All of the bands are so gorgeous it’s easy to fall in love with just about any of the settings for bands.  But keep in mind this is the ring you’re going to be wearing throughout your whole marriage.  Do you really want to skim through rings and not choose the perfect fit for you?  When you’re shopping for settings to use for your diamonds in an eternity band consider if you are going to wear the band every day are you comfortable with that setting?  White gold for example, can experience wear more easily than gold and therefore needs rhodium replacement at least once a year to give that new sparkly look.  Look at each ring carefully with your budget in mind and you will make a quality decision on your eternity band diamond setting after your research.   

One of the most successful styles of settings for your diamonds on an eternity band is a bead diamond setting.  Bead diamond settings are perfect for several smaller diamond stones which are used to completely cover a side of the band in diamonds!  This gives off a luxurious sparkling look that most bands can’t compare to.  There is also the prong style setting, this is more common with a larger diamond.  A prong setting will have a single diamond set in the center of the eternity and.  Whether you end up choosing a prong setting for your band or the popular bead setting, the perfect setting for diamond bands is ultimately up to you.

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