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Resizing Rings

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Rings are everyday jewelry that symbolize the high regard we have for loved ones who put them on. Unfortunately, it’s not always that rings will fit as snugly as we hope them to. This is risky, as we could end up losing them or subject ourselves to round the clock discomfort especially when they fit too tight. This is the main reason why many jewelry stores offer resizing rings services which can take anywhere between several hours to a whole day. 

Fortunately, resizing rings is not a one-way street. You can have your ring enlarged or made smaller in order to achieve the perfect fit.

Even though the option of taking your ring to the jeweler’s to have it increased or decreased by a few sizes is always open, you should consider other options as well.

When undertaking resizing rings the first course of action that you need to take, is go to the jeweler’s and have them take your finger measurements. This will give you a good idea of how much you will need to have your ring size increased or decreased.

If you would like to have your ring size reduced, you could use spacers to help the ring fit snugly on your finger. These spacers are basically beads of soldered metal that jewelers will put on the inside of the ring to make the ring fit tighter. This is very effective as it will be not conspicuous. Jewelers will use beads from the same metal as the ring, thus making sure that everything blends in perfectly.

Sometimes the ring might be too small to fit into your finger. In this case the jeweler might decide to use extensions. This means that the jeweler will take out about half of the original ring and replace it with a larger piece of metal in resizing rings. Consequently, the ring will increase in girth.

Alternatively, instead of cutting out half of the ring and later on replace it with a larger shank, some rings are made of malleable metal that is easier to stretch. Such metals include; titanium, platinum and gold and come are very useful in resizing rings.

Can Eternity Rings Be Resized?

Unfortunately due to their very unique nature Eternity rings cannot be resized. An Eternity ring is a wedding band that is circled with precious stones, mostly diamonds to signify the infinite nature of love and are a perfect gift for eventful occasions such as during the birth of a child.

How Do I Know If The Ring Is Too Big or Too Small?

To determine whether your ring is ideally sized for your finger, you need to place it on your finger and slide it over the knuckle. A well sized ring should comfortably sit at the bottom of the finger without either rotating too easily or pinching the skin. In case it bounces with little effort or inches forward easily, you should consider resizing rings

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