Jul 12

And we mean the ring. The one you were given the day you got married.

You were married on a day filled with love and laugher, smiles, tears, and an awful lot of Moet Chandon. Your union was blessed in front of dozens of family and friends. To you it felt as though the whole world was watching. And watch they did.

You were childhood sweethearts, destined for a life of love, family and, later in life, TV dinners. You’d planned your wedding for two years, everything about it had to be perfect – the seating arrangements, the dress, how everything looked, how everyone would feel. You have every base covered.

You and your wedding planner made it so.

The ring … THE ring … was beautiful. You chose a matching pair of wedding rings. You wanted to feel joined, even by the rings on your fingers, and had them commissioned, at great expense. They were beautiful, together and separately, and epitomized everything about your love for one another, your relationship, the thing that made you guys ‘you guys’.

For weeks after the big day, everyone cooed over the ring. The ring. How beautiful, how exquisite. 1.50 carat. A diamond wedding band, set in platinum, the whole ensemble perfectly matching the masculine version sat on your husband’s finger. Its partner ring. Its other half. The part that made it whole.

And then you lost yours. Swimming, knowing you’d lost a little weight, knowing you’d meant to get the ring resized. It meant that much to you. And life got in the way. And now? It lies somewhere on the bottom of Lake Oh-My-God. What to do, what to do.

Call your insurance company. And find someone that’s prepared to dive with an underwater metal detector. The insurance company is the back up, in the event that the salvage mission proves unsuccessful. They’re probably awaiting your call.

The moral of the story?

We all lose things in life. That’s a given. It’s just that some things are way more precious to us. Especially when it’s something that possesses high sentimental value, like your wedding ring. In an effort to avoid losing something that means so much protect it. If it doesn’t fit the same, get it altered. If you’re in a position whereby wearing it could result in its loss or damage, leave it locked safely away at home.

The most common way to lose a wedding ring? When it’s too big. An easy fix, and one that will prevent you from feeling utterly devastated. Trust us – if The Ring goes astray, you’re hearts going to feel exactly the same.

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