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Maybe you have a family diamond ring heirloom that belonged to your great grandmother and now has been given to you. Unfortunately due to the ring’s setting you feel a bit uncomfortable putting it on as it does not do the diamond any justice at all. If this at all is the case, then a semi mount ring might be what you may be looking for.

A semi-mount ring is basically a wedding band that has engraving on it or is set in accent stones but does not have a center stone set in yet. With semi-mount rings you have a much larger choice of quality and price not to mention a much broader price range compared to an already finished ring.

Situations when you should use a semi-mount ring to complement a big center stone are:

If you expect to upgrade
If you think that there might be a good chance for you to buy a more expensive stone in future, perhaps by upgrading your engagement ring by setting in a more expensive and glamorous center stone, then a semi-mount ring would indeed come in handy.

If you already have the stone
Say for instance you already possess the stone but it comes in a setting that you don’t feel comfortable with. Instead of having to consider purchasing a new ring, why not buy a semi-mount ring. With it, you will be able to fully appreciate the stone’s beauty in a way that only you can identify with.

If you possess an Unusual Stone
Certain stone rings are hard to come by, say for instance a tourmaline ring. This limited supply does not mean that you cannot have an exquisite bridal set as all you need is the large center stone to top it off. When you already have the stone with you, you’ll end up spoilt for choice as you will have the option of choosing a ring setting that goes with the stone. Something, you are certain to appreciate.

Why Opt for Semi-Mount Rings?
If you are concerned that you may not get semi-mount rings made from precious metals, then don’t be. This is because they are available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum and sterling silver. These options only serve to broaden the range of choices you will have if you choose to use semi-mount rings.

Things You Will Need to Consider
If you opt for a semi-mount ring, here are some things you will need to know:

  • The prongs in the semi-mount ring cannot be used on all shapes and sizes of center stones, so choose accordingly.
  • It may not be possible to resize a semi-mount ring with accent stones.
  • Not all center stone shapes are appropriate for the semi-mount ring’s prongs even though they can accommodate various sizes of stone.
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  1. Ava Angelina Thomas says:

    My fiance and I are looking for a beautiful engagement ring, at a good price. I would like a 3.00ct. Princess cut solitare, in a 14kt. white gold setting. I have yet to see one on your site. Hopefully this message will bring fourth an accomodating response! Thank you kindly! Miss Ava Angelina Thomas

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