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Once you’ve purchased the engagement ring and wedding band, your jewelry-buying days are not over. Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, they are a wonderful gift to give for special anniversaries.

Eternity rings are a band of yellow gold, white gold or platinum with a channel that holds a continuous line of diamonds meant to signify eternal love. While the message may seem sentimental, eternity were actually created as a marketing ploy by a major jeweler back in the 1960s.

At the time, solitaire rings with a very large center stone were all the rage. However, De Beers, the largest jeweler in the country, had a secret arrangement with Russia around the world supply of diamonds, and this agreement required large purchases of Russian diamonds. Unfortunately, most of the Russian diamonds were .25 carat — too small to set in a ring as a single stone.

They hit on the idea of a ring with a continuous channel of small diamonds, and the eternity ring was born. One of the most successful ad campaigns De Beers used to promote the new type of ring was: “She married you for richer or for poorer. Let her know how it’s going.”

Today’s eternity rings come in a multitude of styles, although the basic premise of a continuous channel of smaller stones remains the same. Some of today’s rings alternate round stones with square stones, include several channels giving the ring a pave look, include settings like bars and prongs to make the ring look unique or alternate diamonds with sapphires or other gemstones. Traditional eternity rings use round-cut diamonds, but today you can choose from any shape, including princess, emerald, marquise, heart, oval, pear, radiant or Asscher.

Purchase your eternity rings from a reputable online jeweler that sells discount diamond rings, like Primestyle.com, and you can find eternity rings to fit any budget. The rings start at roughly $400 for 0.45 carat round-cut diamonds set in a plain 14K white-gold setting, and go all the way up to roughly $4,100 for 5.50 carats of emerald-cut diamonds encased in 14K white-gold bars.

On your next special anniversary, considering purchasing an eternity ring to show your significant other just how much you care.

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