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Diamond stud earrings make an ideal gift for the celebration of various occasions least among them being first year anniversaries.  The elegance of stud earrings makes them perfect for a host of occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. The perfection of diamond stud earrings means that you can never go wrong with them.

0.50CT round cut diamonds stud earrings

It’s true what they say about diamonds being a woman’s best friend. Though she may have another pair of graceful earring studs, an extra addition to her wardrobe is always welcome. In case your special lady already has a pair of diamond earring studs, why not make this next pair special by going for a different carat weight, shape or even size. Your gift of diamond earring studs will make your first anniversary an unforgettable one. As is with everything else, the purchase of jewelry has become a less strenuous activity with the onset of online commerce. In addition, online shopping means that you will save some dollars. So, how do you get the best offer online you may ask?

In the very recent past many people have come to learn of and appreciate the benefits that come with online shopping, leading to an explosion in e-commerce. As a result, there has been an exponential increase in the number of online stores that offer diamond earring studs such as Primestyle.com. With consumers now spoilt for choice, what should they look for in an online jewelry store?

Quality of the diamond stud earrings

In purchasing any jewelry you should make certain that its quality is precisely mentioned. You should take care not to go for a broad range such as SI-13 for clarity or G-I for color. This is because you won’t have any concrete information to help you make a great choice. Instead pick diamond rings that have a slimmer range, say for instance,  I3 for clarity and G for color. That way, you will have an idea of what to expect as far as quality is concerned.

Carat Weight

For earring studs, the carat weight will need to be divided into two. This way 1/2cw will be expressed as 1.0cw. Be cautious and take time to read the body at the bottom of the page which states,“minimum carat weight as .xx tcw”. For instance, say the stud earrings’ advert read .56tcw but at the bottom it states .5tcw. You should note that this means that you may get a weight that is less than what is mentioned in the advert.

Legal Papers

The diamond stud earrings that you purchase should come with legal documentation that explicitly contain the diamond quality of the earrings. In case such documentation is not included in your initial purchase make sure that you ask for it.

Price Comparison

Compare prices between different online stores for a bargain. Since we make our own jewelry here at primestyle.com, you are guaranteed to find the lowest prices on stud earrings and other elegant jewelry.

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